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Dying Embers May 28, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Literary.
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"Where'd you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone."
-Fort Minor, Where'd you go?

I looked at my watch and read the date
realized it was almost a year after
we had that talk one night
and ended everything we had ever built
lost all under the same stars we saw
when we started what we believed
was our eternity

Almost a year after
and the last of the embers
fade away, engulfed by darkness
but not regret
I understand now
it had to end and did
two cities that distanced us once
are now two oceans we cannot cross

And my world now is different from yours 
A different sun shines and sets
as I wait for the night to come
to watch the embers die 
the memories I have with you
of misery and bliss blur
I say my last goodbye
and thank you


All I really want is a hot bisexual girlfriend May 27, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Musings / Random Thoughts.
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In my bed one night, as I was going to sleep I sat and meditated until a calming sense came to me and I asked myself what is it that I lack in my life? Money has always been a problem, but that's too normal and I can work around it most of the time. I was searching deeply, within my inner self, knowing what my soul has been craving for… and I found the answer:

I want a hot bisexual girlfriend! Like the doctor's wife in the movie Tomcats who's playing with the hot nurse… You know, a girl who's also into other girls, just like me! In the spirit of Letterman's Top Ten I give you my top ten reasons a bisexual girlfriend is the best girlfriend a guy can have:

10. When you oggle at a hot girl (other than your gf) at the mall she wouldn't throw a hellish tantrum or hit you in the nuts.
9. it would be much easier to explain why you think this or that sexy star is sooo hot
8. you wouldn't fear talking to other pretty girls when she's in the vicinity… in fact he might even join in and it would actually turn out good.
7. She probably has beautiful girl friends
6. She probably has beautiful girlfriends (yes the space makes it different)
5. She buys FHM so you dont have to =P
4. Go with her to a girlie bar, get a gro, and share it with her!
3. or better yet make her your gro (it's different, adventurous, and it's cheaper…)
2. Share your porn collection with her
1. FMF Action! hahaha

See, if you'd really think about the greatest hapiness in the world isn't brought about by money. ;P

Da Bitchy Code May 22, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Gripes / Flames / Rants.
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Government officials love to grandstand. Take the movie The Da Vinci Code for example, before it got released there were countless congressmen and other trapos on TV, they were really riled up in denouncing the movie shouting at the top of their lungs (or gills?) that it will morally corrupt the nation. In Manila Lito Atienza et al even passed a resolution banning the film from being shown.

It is the ignorance, shallow mindedness, and media-whore mentality of such politicians that continually weigh down our country. I am just sick and tired waking up to news showing congressmens' really contorted mugs as they violently point out their opinions (you can even see spit comming out from their mouths), the highly esteemed moral beings that they are. I just wonder how they can react like that to the showing of the movie but not stop the selling of the book in the first place? Is Tom Hanks the big difference – are they too insecure of his Mr. Hollywood appeal? And also, if they think that the contents of the film our damaging to our society, then why don't they go and crusade against all the other R-18 and PG 13 movies about with themes about sex, drugs, and violence?

The Roman Catholic Church, while being the main target of the film, has neither officially renounced it as trash nor asked that it be banned from being shown locally. In sermons during masses all the clergy asks is that we take the messages of the film critically, as we should take every aspect of our faith critically, and reminds the church-goers that the movie is fictional. I think they knew that if they reacted negatively to the film's showing it would cast the church in a bad light and be perceived as an organization trying to hide the "truth" (which is the, not coincidentally, the main plot of the movie).

Budget Internet Cards May 22, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Reviews.
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Thanks to PLDT's very slow activation of our DSL line, I've been forced to use pre-paid dial-up cards. So far I've tried three 100 peso denomination cards, I-republic, Go!, and Edge Master, all of which have been disappointments – which even got me angrier with PLDT.

The biggest disappointment of the three was Edge Master, with two dial-up numbers which are mostly busy, frequently dropped connections, very slow internet speed, and support staff who are very incompetent technically (well atleast you can ask them for the dial-up numbers… which are not even indicated on the card!) I wanted to just shred the damn card even if it there was a free additional 25 hours after the card's credits have been spent.

I-republic and Go! could've been decent, if not for some flaws which still still frustrated me. I-republic has 30 hours worth of internet in a 100 peso card, it has three dial-up numbers, of which 2 are working but can get clogged during peak hours. The username and the password are pretty hard to type and almost impossible to remember. Once connected the speed is quite ok, in fact I use this card for chatting and playing trivia on MIRC against players w/ DSL and Wifi (I still get beaten but atleast I always have the "this is a bandwith handicap match" excuse). The biggest drawback to i-republic is the frequent disconnections… So if you are chatting and it looks like you hit the jackpot (an eb?) and then you got disconnected… all that countless minutes (hours?) of chat will be for naught (so u should ask your chatmate his or her number early… directly after the exchange of pics).

  As for Go!, it is the easiest ISP to connect to, but only has one dial-up line and I've had 2 occassions that Go! (from eastern telecom) had problems with the dial-up number and they didn't have any alternates… During peak hours there have been some problems with the number being clogged but it isn't as bad as the other two. The real downside has been their limitation on bandwith. If you are an ordinary net user you wouldn't really mind it, but for us who frequently download files (and browse picture galleries…) it is a big letdown.

So what card will I recommend among the three? I really don't want to endorse any… although I would tell you to stay away from edge master. As for the other two, pick your own poison. 

Now PLDT, where the fcuk's my DSL?!

Shore in Sepia May 5, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Photos.
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Shore in Sepia, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

A seaside in Batangas shot in Sepia for that classic feel.

Mabolo May 5, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Photos.
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Mabolo, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

The Fruit not the Place. Both are tempting…

The Sun and the Windmill May 5, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Photos.
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The Sun and the Windmill, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

Two circles above me

Bliss May 5, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Photos.
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Bliss, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

The sea was gray during this shoot (which is the reason I shot this in black and white), but that didn't darken the mood of the children playing near the shore

Trees in black and white May 5, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Photos.
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Trees in monochrome, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

A verdant rolling terrain with trees, bright blue sky, and the glimmering sea nearby. In black and white the vibrant scene becomes somber

Villagio Ignatius May 5, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Photos.
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Villagio Ignatius, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

This is the main entrance of Villagio Ignatius, a project site I’m currently handling.