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Labor Pains May 1, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Gripes / Flames / Rants, Musings / Random Thoughts.

someday we'll get even...

Happy labor day everyone, be happy you're slaving your ass off for a bunch of stupid monkeys who have too much dough to build and run a company but not enough to make their employees wages proportional to the workload (need I say overtime pay?). Send a thank you MMS or an email to your loving boss, who either wants to bang your ass on the table inside his office room (if you are a hot chick) or work you're ass off because he was too stupidly short-sighted or was thinking about gardening and horticulture instead of the work your department had to deliver. And then in the mad rush to save face he denies your overtime credits which you had to render to meet the freaking deadlines he imposed on you. And why not organize a "gimik" with your friendly officemates, who stab you in the back and say you're a conceited incompetent asshole behind your back.

Labor day has always had that feel of the proletariat class fighting for their rights against the burgoise, but in the modern workplace labor day should be about one employee's struggle against all the stupid office-politics, ass-kissing, and air-headed bosses one has to face everyday.



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