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All I really want is a hot bisexual girlfriend May 27, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Musings / Random Thoughts.

In my bed one night, as I was going to sleep I sat and meditated until a calming sense came to me and I asked myself what is it that I lack in my life? Money has always been a problem, but that's too normal and I can work around it most of the time. I was searching deeply, within my inner self, knowing what my soul has been craving for… and I found the answer:

I want a hot bisexual girlfriend! Like the doctor's wife in the movie Tomcats who's playing with the hot nurse… You know, a girl who's also into other girls, just like me! In the spirit of Letterman's Top Ten I give you my top ten reasons a bisexual girlfriend is the best girlfriend a guy can have:

10. When you oggle at a hot girl (other than your gf) at the mall she wouldn't throw a hellish tantrum or hit you in the nuts.
9. it would be much easier to explain why you think this or that sexy star is sooo hot
8. you wouldn't fear talking to other pretty girls when she's in the vicinity… in fact he might even join in and it would actually turn out good.
7. She probably has beautiful girl friends
6. She probably has beautiful girlfriends (yes the space makes it different)
5. She buys FHM so you dont have to =P
4. Go with her to a girlie bar, get a gro, and share it with her!
3. or better yet make her your gro (it's different, adventurous, and it's cheaper…)
2. Share your porn collection with her
1. FMF Action! hahaha

See, if you'd really think about the greatest hapiness in the world isn't brought about by money. ;P



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