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X3 Marks the Spot, Finally! June 3, 2006

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Surprised with the story, I really was.

I didn't like the first x-men movie, in fact I can bluntly say that it was a very big disappointment, which thankfully, I didn't waste my lunch money for due to warnings from x-men fans all over the net. I did get to see the movie on VCD though (which confirmed the bad reviews), before X2 was released in the theatres. only the sexy Mystique was worth watching in X1. X2 was a little better than the first movie, the kid mutants were used more in the story, especially Pyro who was portrayed as a freak in the comics but had a make-over as an angstful teenager (and who isn't) which any teenager with problems (again who doesn't) would identify with. I expected little on the third movie, especially after the crap that was Spidey 2 and in fact I didn't even plan to watch it in the movie house.

Now I'm going to discuss the movie series before I bore you with my nostalgic thoughts.
(Spoiler alert, if you haven't watched the movie and you plan to, read no further)

Last Friday night, I was tired and resting at home when I got a text message and then a call from a friend, I was bored and had nothing to do so we went and watched it. I was really shocked that Marvel had the balls to come up with the story for X-Men III: The Last Stand. True to the title, the movie had the story that ended the X-Men Professor X vs Magneto universe. All the boring inactivity which killed X1 and X2 were trimmed-skin head trimmed- in X3. In fact I think that X3 is more similar in structure to the Blade movie series. The plot of the movie revolved around the discovery and application of a cure for mutation (which was processed from the cells of a mutant who had the incredible but uncontrollable power to remove mutant powers and mutations in general if a mutant gets near him) similar to the Silver Nitrate and UV rounds in Underworld.

Marvel didn't spare the most popular characters from being killed! Main characters in the x-men universe died left and right in the movie like they were extras in a Tarantino film.
Cyclops was the first casualty… he was smoked by his beloved Jean, who was possessed by her powerful subconscious (can the subconscious possess the conscious… more philosophical debate may be needed) the Dark Phoenix. Then Jean goes to kill Xavier with her mutant powers fully unleashed… Even Prof. baldy (and a dumbstruck Magneto) with all his power can't prevent Jean Grey from turning him into mutant juice, literally liquefying Xavier’s frail body. Wolverine had a killing fest as he invaded the rebel mutant camp run by Magneto… No blood and gore though as the producers deliberately shunned away from making this movie a slasher flick. Mystique was turned to human as she was hit by a dart containing mutant cure serum… so we get a peek at Rebecca Romjin ex Stamos lovely naked figure – for the first time in the movie without the blue make-up. Juggernaut even made an appearance, and parodied Dave Chappelle with the line “Do you know who I am? I’m Juggernaught, Bitch!” which got me laughing (I think I’m only the one in the movie house that did). Lots of mutants were included in the movie, like Colossus, Shadow Cat, Ice Man, Angel, Beast (is this the first time he appeared in the movie series?), Multiple Man (but he was a villain in the movie) as well as introducing some mutants with interesting abilities I never heard or read of. Night crawler, the German teleporter/gymnast in X2 that almost killed the president wasn’t included in the movie though…and so was Gambit who is, in my opinion, the coolest X-men character ever created.

The climax, first with Hank McCoy/Beast stuffing Magneto with mutant cure serum, and then Wolvie using every bit of his healing ability to get near Jean/Dark Phoenix (who created a field which atomized everything that went near her), kissing her and then thrusting those adamantium blades through her gut… was just amazing! Rarely do I get to see a superhero movie that ends with superheroes getting killed (obviously because doing such will pose a lot of continuity issues and kill the movie franchise) and I salute Marvel for having the guts to end the X-Men movie franchise with their third installment.



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