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Malen’s – Revolutionary Cuisine June 24, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Cavite Adventures, Reviews.

In the coastal town of Noveleta, there is an old restaurant in a new building. A few meters from the McDonalds outlet in the town proper, there is a single storey structure near the bridge, with simple transparent glass outer walls and plain white inner walls having some wooden architectural touches, and cars crowding the front parking lot.That's the view you'd see outside Malen's new location. Once inside, the place is like a museum, old swords, revolvers, army gear, medals, newspaper about the wars, and countless other war memorabilia adorn the glass cabinets and walls of one of the food wonders of Cavite I recently discovered.

Malen's in Noveleta, Cavite is a Katagalugan history themed restaurant that serves great Filipino food and for some strange reason, pasta. The interior of the restaurant chronicles the history of our country like it was a hall ripped out of the national museum. Artifacts from the Philippine Revolution to the second world war are everywhere. The ambiance is like Max's, but with a revolutionary twist and the Filipiniana and chicken references stripped down.

The menu is also revolutionary, literally! A quick glance of the menu would have you wide eyed and thinking about their Revolutionary themed meals: Kaldereta ni Sakay, Menudo Ricarte, Revolucionario, Propagandista, Filibustero, Armas blancas (the invisible man – like the vertigo comic book), independencia, Filipino Cowboy pork chops, Filipino Warrior pork ribs… and more. Revolutionary twists on Filipino delicacies. They serve good pasta, but these babies take pinoy cooking to a whole new level.

Unfortunately I have only been here once (due to my hectic schedule), we ordered their Kare-kare and roast beef (I forgot the "Revolutionary term" for them). for drinks we had green tea which tasted quite funny but nonetheless tasted good. The price is typical for a mid-market fine dining resto, the meals are priced from around 90 pesos to 200. The roast beef is at par with Dad's and Cravings, it was soft, mildly cooked, with a gravy sauce which didn't overpower the taste of the beef.

However, the one thing I loved about the resto is their kare-kare. The Kare-kare is sooo tasty I swear I haven't eaten such great kare-kare as theirs. For you non-Filipinos, Kare-kare is a soup based viand. The common ingredients are pork, sometimes pork intestines and other innards which I do not think icky American's would try, some green veggies, with the soup based on ground peanuts. The orange coloured soup is poured onto rice, and the meat is dipped in shrimp paste (the infamously smelly Bagoong) Normally the soup is thin, but Malen's version is quite thick with probably powdered peanuts and one can't get enough the rich peanut taste. I can eat rice with only the sauce and bagoong and I'd be in gastronomic heaven =)

There are a lot more revolutionary cooking which I plan to try on my future visits to Malen's and I'm planning to go back soon and try something new, for those people trying to find an interesting affordable fine-dining restaurant in Cavite (and you're bored with Max's hehe) I suggest you check this place out. They are open Tuesdays to Sundays I think from 10 am till 10pm.



1. maria ana marasigan - September 8, 2006

hi. i’m ana. i have read your article about Malen’s just recently. i’m a student from La Salle. and I’m an AB Communication student. We’re doing a publication and our theme was empowering Cavite. The truth is I have a hard time looking for issues concerning about Cavite, which should be something new or trivial since I lived in Las Pinas City. i’m just thankful when I saw and read your article. is it alright with you if i would include this in our publication? thanks and GodBLess..

2. jessica - September 23, 2006


3. khayzhie - February 20, 2009

how can i get the organizational chart of the said restaurant??? i need it because of my projct.. please help me….

4. pierre - February 20, 2009

uh… organizational chart? I dunno, go visit their store and ask them i guess…

5. russel bitchayda - January 19, 2016

What a great adventure it could be…. can i ask the exact location of the resto?……. message me 09061129264…thanks….

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