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My Cavite Adventures – A Foreword June 24, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Cavite Adventures.

Welcome to the part of my blog where I chronicle the things and places I have discovered about Cavite, which I guess is my adopted province. I am a native of Cainta Rizal, which is East of the Philippine's capital Manila. Cavite is on the South and frankly I never went there, except during trips to Tagaytay.

I first came to Cavite on August 3, 2004 my second day on my first job. I was assigned to two housing projects in Dasmariñas, Cavite and I had the pleasure of working for LPHI, a subsidiary of Ayala Land, and is now known as Avida Land. My boss then, Sir Emerson Arguelles, loves to eat out and he'd take us guys out to restaurants and other nooks in and near Dasma. Our food adventures became our primary bonding channel.

With Boss and us, his field-cost engineers, food was a better bonding agent than beer or women. I think we are the only site-office which had much more food trips than inuman/beer house sessions. See, Boss has a problem with his liver so he rarely joined us in our drinking sprees. Also, like my married former officemates, Sir was very loyal to his (or very scared of hehe) wife so going to beerhouses (which Cavite is quite notorious for…)  was almost never on the agenda.

While our food adventures never got to the extreme of hunting for the province's finest resto's it did serve as the foundation for my new found hobby of discovering Cavite, the amazing history that it has, and great food served by their best restaurants which, sadly, isn't known to the "Dayo" (non-natives) of the province.

Join me as I chronicle the interesting stuff I learn about the land of "near Manila" housing projects, the seat of the revolution, and of the squala.



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