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Good Ole’ Homecooking July 2, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Gripes / Flames / Rants.

Woke up late Today, fortunately the telecast of the Pacquiao vs Lario fight was also delayed and I was fortunate enough to watch from the middle rounds of the fight between former champ Gerry Penalosa and this long haired Mexican. The fight was furious, both exchanged nice blows, Gerry visibly had fun in that match as the young mexican didn’t back down and didn’t give up. It was a hard fought game for the two. I thought Penalosa would win it on a close decision, probably by a split even. And when the judges’ scores were announced it was unanimous with all 3 judges scoring him +10 on his opponent. WTF? the judges should have had the decency to atleast give the mexican fighter his due but a blowout decision in favor of Penalosa?!

That trend continued in all the matches, with Jaca’s match being the worst. Yes I know Jaca was the victim of a headbutt early. But fuck, even in basketball players receive cuts in the face and they all go on and continue to play. It is part of the game and even Pacquiao was a victim of that in one of his more recent matches. Jaca continued to fight but the cut above the eye really had an effect on him and he was unable to defend in the later rounds before the fight was stopped on a technical something (I forgot the term). We all thought that Jaca lost, but when it came to the judges decision he was on top by on another unanimous decision this time +7 on the Mexican who MAULED him. Yes the guy was a big cheat as evident of his head first punch later attacks but he did that at his own risk of being punched hard in the face.

The judges were clearly biased and I don’t understand where the organizers got those idiots. In fights held in the USA, a +6 unanimous decision fight is a very one sided fight, in grave contrast to the ones we’ve seen in Pacquiao vs. Larios. Heck, some idiot even scored it 120 – 106 in favor of Pacquiao. That means that the Pacquiao won each of the twelve rounds decisively! Larios had some moments and even gave Pacquiao a scare in the 3rd round so that score should’ve been impossible. It is a shame that we had to televise that mockery of a boxing event to the whole world. A few weeks before the date of Mano-a-Mano (the name of the event) I predicted that all Filipino boxers would win, as I do not think we’va had a local lose to a foreigner in a big fight here in our own country. “Walang natatalong Pinoy sa sarili niyang bansa” was what I said to my friends and much to my dismay my theory was proved. The judges were shameless… Pacquiao vs. Larios was Lutong Makaw to the extreme. I’m wondering if Vince McMahon had a hand in this it looked more of an sports-entertainment show than a real sports event. =(



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