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Doo bee doo bee doo… August 27, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Reviews.

For the lyrics and tabs: http://www.tabs-database.com/48065.Kamikazee%20-%20Doo%20Bidoo%20Tab.html

For the Video:


Kamikazee sure knows how to push the envelope. The band’s cover of Apo Hiking Society’s Doo BiDoo is currently circulating in FM radio, and is one of a few notable songs (Orange and Lemon’s cover of Yakap sa Dilim is another one) in a rather half full half-empty tribute album “Kami nAPO Muna.”
Kamikazee’s version strays far from the original in terms of approach and execution. The original by Apo was done in a laid back, harmonious (albeit quite chirpy), rythmic manner which was for all intents and purposes a song about making songs with one’s friends on a lazy weekend. On the other hand, Kazee’s was a trash-punk piece of chaos and notoreity. And compared to Apo’s original meaning, this one’s about making songs with one’s friends on a lazy weekend WHILE YOU AND YOUR CLICK ARE HIGH ON MARIJUANA! Or atleast that’s how I process it… and I like it =)

Kamikazee goes back to their punk roots on this one… Jay’s “Doo bidoo” shouts reminds me of the days when they were UP Diliman’s most notorious college band as their acts were full of expletives, references to vaginas and penises (especially Ariel Rivera’s)… and they’d rock the Sunken Garden even though they were the last band for the night and it was 4am.

I just saw the video and it was the first mtv I laughed at since Eminem and his crew, D12 (well they are…), released the video of “My Band.” The video for Doo Bidoo had all the elements of “low budget local” videos (cheap props, cheap camera, repetitive camera angles) but that didn’t stop it from becoming the gem that it is. In fact it was funny and entertaining because it was very low budget. With little gimmick and props the band used themselves. It starts with the front man in a stupid look shouting “Eto na!” then two guys pop into the frame also with the same stupid look and they also shout “Eto na!” and the last 2 members of the band pop up and follow suit.

Masters of double meaning… Kamikazee used an american indian concept to get away with tons of references to pot use in both the video and the song. Smoke filled rituals were on the video… and the band members really looked like they were getting high on the smoke.

The funiest thing about it is that I don’t think any moralista would dare censure the song or the video… because the original was a timeless piece by a legendary group in Philippine music and Kamikazee’s version had lyrics that stayed true to the first



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