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LET’S DO THE BIRTHDAY BLOG! September 19, 2006

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I’m finally 25! One of my dreaded milestones has come. Medyo ok naman pala. Kahit masakitin ako kanina masaya naman ang araw ko.

For the second consecutive year It’s my birthday and I am sick. This time my cough has returned after a 3 day absence and it’s back with a vengeance (Ambroxol’s fighting it pretty well though) and my tonsils are literally bloody (sobrang maga-nagsugat na due to tonsilitis). Thus, for the second straight year I wasn’t able to fully rejoice because I can’t do the two things I really like doing: 1. drinking beer and 2: videoke after getting drunk. (note that 1 is a pre-req of 2)

Too many things have happened in the past year, some involve or resulted in the increase in a few personal stats from 3 to 22, 2 to 4, 1 to 2, and 0 to 1(?). (Kung anong stat yun… hehehe akin n lng yun at s gf ko =P)Also, I resigned from my previous work back in March and I now work for the E+S alliance. My 5 year old PC has finally conked (mobo lng yun… maayos pa yun…). I live alone now in Imus, unlike when I was in Dasma and I always pestered my room mates with my snoring. My friendster count is now 84, which I think is 2x my friendster count last year. Ano pa ba? Met a lot of people, daming nadagdag na katropa lalo na sa work. Nagulat nga ako andaming naghahatak ng inuman kanina! hahaha! notorious na ba kong beer drinker?

On the Yin side, I did a lot of stupid mistakes and let down a lot of people… ganun ata talaga I guess I can’t please everybody. I’m just thankful most people I meet still think of my nicely. For all  of  those I pissed off , let down, or iniwan sa ere pasensya na lang po. Sa bilis ng ikot ng mundo kailangan nating sumabay eh. I never meant to hurt anyone pero ganun ata talaga ang buhay.

Sa health medyo mababa ang immunity ko right now, sabi dahil daw sa stress ng trabaho. Pero ewan ko kahit sobra stressed ko naman ngayon sa work eh masaya naman ako… sabi nga ni mami kanina, “Uy ala ka pimples ngayon ah!” Ala nga ako pimples… kahol aso naman.

On the Yang side, Una and most importantly I met the girl of my dreams… Pano ko nasabi yun? hehehe naalala ko na sabi ko nung 1st year college ako (or was that highschool ha roli?) in my usual dire-diretsong pag-rant, “Pare bakit walang chick na mahilig sa Smashing Pumpkins?! badtrip puro boybands na lang… pano pag nag-asawa ka na tapos asawa mo mahilig sa boybands? Kanta nyo sa kasal eh As long as you love me? (kadire) tapos araw araw na ginawa ng ____ eh puro na lang NSync at Backstreet ang nasa radio nyo? ____ ko bigyan nyo ko ng babae na mahilig sa tugtog ng Smashing pumpkins…sigurado sobrang saya ko!” A stupid stupid rant… pero ayun binigay din and yeah sobrang saya ko nga ngayon. Mababaw na reason yung dahil mahilig sya sa Pumpkins…(oi pahiram naman ng CD… burn ko lang ulit…) it’s much much deeper than that. I guess if there ever was one girl na sobrang lapit sa pag-iisip ko sya yun.  Kaya ingat din ako dahil alam nya iniisip ko eh (behave naman po ako). Lam ko binabasa mo lahat ng blog ko… (kaya pa-senti muna)Thanks for sticking with me kahit dami biglang sakit ng ulo ha? Makakabawi din ako sa’yo…

Isa pa syempre ang aking family… bihira kaming nagkikita pero I think we’ve grown much closer over the years. Before lagi na lang may nag-aaway, ngayon wala na sobrang tahimik na sa bahay eh… eerie nga kung iisipin mo kung gaano kami ka-pasaway na mga anak at kung gaano ka-conservative ang nanay namin. Nakakatuwa kasi nung bata kami nagsusuntukan kaming magkakapatid dahil sa controller ng sega genesis namin. Ang saya kasi maglaro ng Sonic eh… ang tagal bago tapusin =P Si mami disciplinarian pa rin… pero atleast ngayon medyo nakikisabay na sa alon… biruin mo na-adik nanay ko sa Kamikazee?

Alas 5 na pala halos. Idlip na muna ulit ako… pesteng ubo to aga-aga para kong aso na tumatahol eh. Makapasok kaya ako mamaya? Puro tulog naman ginawa ko kanina eh… Sa mga bumati sensya na late reply ha? Sama ng pakiramdam ko kanina eh tinulog ko na lang. Ayan tuloy di ako makatulog ngayon…


Somebody Help Me! September 9, 2006

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I cant catch the title or the band/artist the sang this one song and it’s always on FM radio. The some lyric snippets go: “… Nasaan… Alas tres ng umaga nasa tuktok ng gusali… pinapasma ang kamay… nagring ang telepono…” . it has a really funky beat with a female singer. can anyone who can give me the name of the song. I can’t believe I’m having LSS on a song I don’t even know.

Miquel’s – rock band lovers heaven in Cavite September 8, 2006

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Miquel’s was created to solve one problem rock music lovers in Cavite have, to have a place to watch real rock bands live without going to Manila.

Yes, the bands are mostly unknown, and they mostly perform covers. But boy do they perform! I haven’t seen a regular act of Miquel’s do a boring set… (much unlike the time we went to 70’s Bistro and watched Pinikpikan… all the three of us were sleepy after their 1st act) because the bands want to entertain the audience but not by acting like a show band or a cover-tribute band. Most of the songs played are covers of popular rock outfits such as Kamikazee, JTC, PNE, Sugarfree, Urbandub… etc. but the bands always make sure to injest some of their personality on the songs… ala Apo and Eheads tribute albums. Their performers are arguably Cavite’s best rock bands. One band in particular, Sound Method, stands out with their riotous antics, funny adlibs, and solid performances. No dance floor here though, if you’re the disco type gimikera and you wanna shake your bottom you’d better drive to Cowboy Las Pinas, Padi’s Las Pinas or Padi’s Cavite City.

Miquel’s is for the headbanging pop-rock fellas, I think it is the only one left actually. Most of the bars in Manila that have bands performing are either 1. acoustic/rnb types, 2. dance music types 3. snobbish/artsy/elitist underground rock types or 4. poser turf. Of course, these 4 types mix and match to create various varieties of “gimmick” places. Just go to Tomas Morato or Malate and see them (and burn dough).

The bar is located near Island Cove, some 500 meters before if you’re coming from Manila I think. Socialites beware because this place does not have airconditioning. It is, however, open-walled ala Pier 1 so ventillation problems are easily solved by the numerous electric fans. The crowd is amazingly diverse, from rich college kids that come from Lasalle Dasma, to yuppies like me who just want to have a beer and listen to good music, to old guys who just love rock music, to barkadas and families which are celebrating someones birthday… some people dating… and yes sometimes there are jologs who go there, but do not fear because they are well behaved (mostly) and cannot afford enough beer to intoxicate them (hehe). If you don’t have a date, just oggle at the waitresses which wear short maong shorts and sando. The waitresses are pretty hot, except for a few which look like drag queens.

Every month, on their “big night” (for lack of a better term, Big night is actually used more on strip clubs haha) they get a popular band to perform. Last June it was PNE, July I saw Kamikazee, August had Shamrock (I know… management had a big mistake). There are talks that Kamikazee will be back this September.

For the expenses, Miquel’s comes in pretty cheap. Last time we went there, we had 7 beers and sisig and it cost us something like Php 300+. I can’t recall the beer price, but it’s safe to assume that it’s less than 40 a bottle.