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Miquel’s – rock band lovers heaven in Cavite September 8, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Cavite Adventures.

Miquel’s was created to solve one problem rock music lovers in Cavite have, to have a place to watch real rock bands live without going to Manila.

Yes, the bands are mostly unknown, and they mostly perform covers. But boy do they perform! I haven’t seen a regular act of Miquel’s do a boring set… (much unlike the time we went to 70’s Bistro and watched Pinikpikan… all the three of us were sleepy after their 1st act) because the bands want to entertain the audience but not by acting like a show band or a cover-tribute band. Most of the songs played are covers of popular rock outfits such as Kamikazee, JTC, PNE, Sugarfree, Urbandub… etc. but the bands always make sure to injest some of their personality on the songs… ala Apo and Eheads tribute albums. Their performers are arguably Cavite’s best rock bands. One band in particular, Sound Method, stands out with their riotous antics, funny adlibs, and solid performances. No dance floor here though, if you’re the disco type gimikera and you wanna shake your bottom you’d better drive to Cowboy Las Pinas, Padi’s Las Pinas or Padi’s Cavite City.

Miquel’s is for the headbanging pop-rock fellas, I think it is the only one left actually. Most of the bars in Manila that have bands performing are either 1. acoustic/rnb types, 2. dance music types 3. snobbish/artsy/elitist underground rock types or 4. poser turf. Of course, these 4 types mix and match to create various varieties of “gimmick” places. Just go to Tomas Morato or Malate and see them (and burn dough).

The bar is located near Island Cove, some 500 meters before if you’re coming from Manila I think. Socialites beware because this place does not have airconditioning. It is, however, open-walled ala Pier 1 so ventillation problems are easily solved by the numerous electric fans. The crowd is amazingly diverse, from rich college kids that come from Lasalle Dasma, to yuppies like me who just want to have a beer and listen to good music, to old guys who just love rock music, to barkadas and families which are celebrating someones birthday… some people dating… and yes sometimes there are jologs who go there, but do not fear because they are well behaved (mostly) and cannot afford enough beer to intoxicate them (hehe). If you don’t have a date, just oggle at the waitresses which wear short maong shorts and sando. The waitresses are pretty hot, except for a few which look like drag queens.

Every month, on their “big night” (for lack of a better term, Big night is actually used more on strip clubs haha) they get a popular band to perform. Last June it was PNE, July I saw Kamikazee, August had Shamrock (I know… management had a big mistake). There are talks that Kamikazee will be back this September.

For the expenses, Miquel’s comes in pretty cheap. Last time we went there, we had 7 beers and sisig and it cost us something like Php 300+. I can’t recall the beer price, but it’s safe to assume that it’s less than 40 a bottle.



1. Dal Ortega Jr. (@junioveinte) - November 1, 2013

I remember that PNE gig where I thought you left me at the place only to find you out calling “ravens” =p. We even walked from there up to Aguinaldo highway on our way back.

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