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Enthalpy October 29, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Musings / Random Thoughts.

Enthalpy is a thermodynamic potential, ….  where any energy input to the system must go into internal energy or the mechanical work of expanding the system.

– from Wikipedia

Why do we always seek to change but rarely ever sustain it? Probably because the reasons aren’t significant enough to do so, there is a lack of energy needed to sustain it, or the system is too difficult to change. In the first place, people are mostly hesitant to change. Why change something they’ve been accustomed with in their life? Change is difficult, often unproductive and temporary, so why bother?

Because you want to… because you have reasons to.If the reason is significant enough, and you believe it can happen despite all the difficulties and the impossibility. LIke a chemical reaction, we need to have the enthalpy, that potential to achieve that change we want to happen… And after you get over the activation energy needed in the chemical reaction, you must have the energy to sustain it, and not let entropy take down what you’ve accomplished.

I do have that… So here I go now on my first great personal war against myself. Here I go now challenging the stuff I believe in, questioning everything that I am and trying to find, like a software debugger, the lines of code that break down the program that is me.



1. naomi - February 12, 2008

more of enthalpy and entropy,pls…tnx PASD.

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