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Another bopols move by the DPWH: Kisses bosses’ asses before appeasing Noynoy’s bosses September 30, 2011

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This issue has gone over 9000 over the interwebs and guess what the DPWH does for damage control? They APOLOGIZE to the three guys in the photoshopped pic before they issued a half-hearted  one to the public.

Perhaps fearing for their jobs, the DPWH page admin posted this at 8:48AM on their Facebook page:

The only problem is that, well, perhaps they forgot that they haven’t really apologized for the use of edited photos yet. And all the other people they haven’t apologized to, i.e. “the public,” are Noynoy’s self-professed bosses. So the internet raged and after all the shitstorm that followed, they issued this statement to try to appease all the other people at 10:23AM

Seriously DPWH, WTF??? This is ass-kissing to the extreme.  Yet another bopols move. Good job DPWH!

Also, they still have not given any reasons/explanations for the use of photoshop, so the apology is really a non-apology, as one of the commenters said.

Note: all images screengrabbed from their FB page. THe time  stamps are seen by pointing the mouse over the  “x hours ago” link.



1. DPWH Photoshop Fail « Controlled Chaos - September 30, 2011

[…] Another bopols move for the DPWH: Kisses bosses’ ass before appeasing Noynoy’s boss… […]

2. jem - September 30, 2011

hala pyer, bumili ka na raw ng kevlar vest XD

quiapo - October 1, 2011

b-8-2 para may kasamang helmet ;p

3. Maybelle - September 30, 2011

Great point you’ve raised here! Whoever is the FB administrator, their apology, should first and foremost, be to the people they deceived. The apology to the three people involved is much appreciated, specially, if that was me.. but it isn’t so I don’t care.. hehe.. I guess, they simply have to be extra careful.. better yet, just be honest with the service DPWH (and all the government agencies at that) they provide us. Damn, we pay taxes you know!

4. boy bulag - September 30, 2011

Sino pa kayang maniniwala sa mga susunod na i release na pictures ng DPWH ???? D Photoshop ang Works Hinayupaks…


5. graba - September 30, 2011

Sana naman hindi “photoshopped” ang mga accounting reports. Small actions like this tells a lot about the culture of employees in DPWH. Pa-pogi at walang integrity.

6. tmjglBarjjs - October 1, 2011

Sila din yata ang dapat sisihin sa dumaang ondoy…. Naalala nyo ba ung malawakang pagaayos ng kalsada? ung naghuhukay na tauhan ng maynilad. hindi naman matindi ung ulan pero bumaha. sa amin hindi bumabaha pero nung time na may naghuhukay hindi nila natantya na babara ung mga kanal dahil sa lupa na hinukay nila. hindi lang samin KUNDI SA MAJOR AREAS. andaming namatay dahil dun. Naphotoshop din ba ang report na maedit sila na mawala sa masisisi?

7. AbuGok (@AbuGok) - October 1, 2011

DPWH = Department of Photoshopped Works and Hokuspokus

! - October 4, 2011


seraphim - October 9, 2011

DPWH – Departamentong Punung-puno ng mga Walang Hiya

8. anak bakal - October 2, 2011

magtayo na lang sila ng photoshop cluster schools, baka matuwa pa ang marami. my apology. “batu-bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magagalit.”

9. Crouching tiger - October 3, 2011

Haha. I hope the photoshop and os used wasnt fake as well

an no nim mus - October 8, 2011

perhaps it is

10. seraphim - October 9, 2011

dpwh mga sinungaling, manloloko at corrupt!!!

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