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DPWHERE: The most concise collection of DPWH meme images September 30, 2011

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Yep, the DPWH has gone places. What places? Well, places like the moon, the Rizal Shrine, the Royal Rumble, on top of the sphinx…

For those who want comic relief after being frustrated with the DPWH’s kabopolan, you guys might want to check out the edited images at the DPWHERE? fb page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/DPWHERE/147529172009029?sk=wall

Also check out plop culture, one of the first blogs to collate DPWH meme images, and I believe the first to coin the term “DPWH goes places.”

It’s amazing that some images look much more realistic than DPWH’s original edited photo.

Here are a few images for your enjoyment:

frm Data Canlas

frm Dennis Niera

frm Dennis Nierra

frm Felix Ocampo

Update: And now we have CAKE https://quiapo.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/the-dpwh-meme-cake-no-acceptance-celebration-is-complete-without-it-d/



1. Eli Rio - October 1, 2011

Facebook records the date/time of all its entries. Reviewing these date/time records on the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH Central Office) FB account will show attempts of cover-up. Consider the following:-

12:12 pm, Sept 28, 2011 – Based on the screen shot in the 2011/09/28/dpwh-photoshop-fail blog of Pierre Albert San Diego, the DPWH FB posted a picture showing 3 DPWH with the caption “DPWH INSPECTS COLLAPSED SEAWALL AT ROXAS BOULEVARD. DPWH Undersecretary Romeo S. Momo with NCR Director Reynaldo G. Tagudando and South Manila District Engineer Mikunug D. Macud inspect the extent of damaged seawall in Baywalk along Roxas Boulevard caused by Typhoon Pedring.” Pierre in that blog pointed out discrepancies in the picture that clearly showed the picture was “photoshopped”.

12:29 pm, Sept 28, 2011 – DPWH deleted that post replacing it with a picture of two DPHW officials in Roxas Blvd. The picture carries the original caption of the deleted photo where 3 names were mentioned. But the photo shows only 2 people, the one with the red jacket is missing. The one in white polo barong now wears a safety helmet when in the former picture, his head was bare. A number of remarks flooded the Internet regarding this new picture, some saying that this is also doctored.

10:30 am, Sept 29, 2011 – the DPWH FB posted another with the same caption as above. The picture showed the 3 DPWH officials as in the original (deleted) photo. While in that photo Manila Bay was on the RIGHT side of the picture frame, this “official” photo shows the bay on the LEFT side. This time the picture showed the same 3 DPWH officials shown in the original photo, with the one in white polo barong now without a safety helmet.

9:37 pm, Sept 29, 2011 – INQUIRER.net carries the press release where DPWH public relations officer Andro Santiago told Inquirer.net that the original photo had been posted by mistake as they were also preparing the layout for a magazine they circulated in the DPWH. He maintained that it was not the DPWH’s intention to fool the public by posting an edited photo of the inspection, adding that the minute they realized the mistake, they immediately replaced it with the official photo release. “After about two minutes, the photo was deleted. The official photo release was posted,” said Santiago, stressing that the official photo was genuine and “Photoshop was not used. Walang Photoshop at hindi naretoke” was his description of the official photo release. Yet, FB records show that the second photo (which was questionable) was posted around 20 minutes after the first and the third photo very much later by around 20 hours.

8:48 am, Sept 30, 2011 – DPWH FB posts this Comment – We would like to apologize to Undersecretary Romeo Momo, Director Rey Tagudando and District Engineer Mikunug Macud for whatever inconvenience that may have caused them regarding the photo earlier posted. Rest assured that we shall exert more diligence and prudence in the execution of our mandate to inform the public of our plans, programs, projects and official activities. – PID

Now comes the QUESTIONS:-

1. Why did it take 20 hours for the “official” picture to come out, if it was available during the original posting?
2. Where is the original photo that was the source of the “failed photoshop”? When this happened in China, the authorities simply published the original “un-photoshop” picture with a public apology and fired some people involved. Why couldn’t the DPWH do the same?
3. Could it be that the original photo did not actually occur and was “photoshopped” to show 3 DPWH officials when in fact there were only two in the scene?
4. Did the 20 hours mysterious gap between the original picture and the “official” photo gave chance for the 3 DPWH officials to “stage” a photo session so that the “photoshopped” picture can now be realized and they can claim no “retoke”, except that they forgot to put Manila Bay to the RIGHT side of the picture frame?
5. If this is the case, which is the bigger sin, the “photoshopped” picture done by some staff in DPWH, or the staged photo session done by the DPWH officials?

2. momoyalvarez - October 1, 2011

Bottomline, they lied… to our faces! And insulted our intelligence. Ganun talaga pag lies, when covered up with another lie, forces the liar to fabricate more lies until the liar himself is convinced of the lie, because said liar cannot distinguish anymore which one is the lie and which is the truth.

3. momoyalvarez - October 1, 2011

Maybe next time, para mas authentic, they shold stand in the middle of the storm and do their routine inspection. Yung tipong nahahampas sila ng alon at tinatangay ng hangin para mas makatotohanan. Buti pa si Kuya Kim nung nag-report by the bay, nakatali para siguradong di sya matangay. Dapat ganun ka-authentic! Next time, ha?

4. angry bird - October 3, 2011

Corrupt kasi sila, that’s why. KAPAL ng mukha!

5. Makatang Kiko - October 3, 2011

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I was thinking of making a poem for them… It it will come out this week, i have to make a photo session first.

6. britney - October 3, 2011

Leave DPWH Alone!!!!!!!

quiapo - October 3, 2011

Anong department ka te?

7. Ross Flores Del Rosario - October 8, 2011

I compiled them also in my FB…coming from DPWHERE, Google images, DPWH FB Page, Blogs, etc…and its already on my 5th album in FB and still growing…hehehe


8. rex fabre - December 23, 2011

nagseselos lang kau…..kasi hndi kayo ang naka upo…try nyu umopo para mslaman nyo din.

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