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DPWH Secretary Singson embarrassed, aims whip at photographer October 2, 2011

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I just saw this development at ABS-CBN’s website: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/10/02/11/singson-photoshop-fiasco-embarrassing

Singson said:

“it’s very embarrassing to the DPWH. We’re all trying to imbue honesty and integrity and here comes a fake picture.”

Ayos na sana, but then he also said these:

Singson said it is the fault of the photographer, who will be sanctioned for “high dishonesty.” He did not name the photographer, saying only, “I don’t even want to remember.”

Singson said an investigation is not needed anymore.

“The guy, the photographer himself, came to me and said the three had nothing to with it. An investigation is not needed anymore,” he said.

IMHO, this is yet another utak wangwang move. Since Singson perceived that the netizens want blood, he’s probably gonna make a sacrificial lamb out of that photographer. Poor guy. Isn’t it that the job of photographers is primarily to take pictures, publicists / PR people are the ones that choose and posts pictures on the web. So why does the axe fall on him? Or, why only him?

Tsaka kailangan pa talaga nilang MAG-HIRE NG PHOTOGRAPHER??? Ikaw na ang DPWH!!! Kaya pala ang taas ng tax ko… =(

By pointing all the blame on the photographer, they are trying to end the issue without really resolving the root cause. And the root cause is that DPWH’s personnel think too lowly of the public that they think they can easily pass off fabricated photos as real ones. This mentality is also what makes corruption rampant in the DPWH.

Also, who might this photographer be? For all we know, this might be a ghost employee. So wala din talagang mapaparusahan at naisahan na naman tayo ng DPWH.

Beth Pilorin, DPWH-PID head, in her apology  stated that “the pic was not cleared yet  before the staff posted it” so I think this issue is more of a procedural error than an isolated dishonest move by one of their photographers to appease the bosses. Now, if it indeed is a procedural error, there’s a breakdown in management.

If there’s a breakdown in management… you should cull it at the management level. What do you guys think?

Update: that photographer excuse that Sec. Singson gave? It might have been made in china: https://quiapo.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/does-singson-dpwh-have-no-originality-pointing-the-blame-on-the-photographer-is-first-made-in-china/



1. kritikong kiko - October 2, 2011

I can not image what will happen 20 years from now, “smart” goverment officials thinks they can get away with everything.

2. DPWH Photoshop Fail « Controlled Chaos - October 2, 2011

[…] DPWH Secretary Singson embarrassed, aims whip at photographer […]

Leon Cortes - October 7, 2011

Andro Santiago po ang pangalan ng photographer. taga Public Information Division, Monitoring and information Service. bos po nya si Beth Pilorin at si Elizabeth Yap. Di naman sinuspindi na ke USEC PACANAN nilipat popara maitago. para tuloy tutoo na me basbas ng mataas na tao ang ginawa nya.

3. Michelle - October 3, 2011

I agree. The photographer is only tasked to take photos. So what if he did photoshopped it…? He’s not tasked to inorm the publc by wy of posting this on FB. the fact that this was posted on FB, meant that it passed whoever is approving photos for public viewing. If someone’s head is going to roll, it should be the FB web admin, i think in this case is Beth if she’s the one answering comments…

Leon Cortes - October 7, 2011

The dpwh web administrator is Andro, the photographer and the photoshopper himself. Beth Pilorin doesn’t know how to manage a website. she cannot control Andro Santiago. Vice President ng DPWH Employees Union e.

4. Makatang Kiko - October 3, 2011

What is happening now with this issue is very common, pointing others for others’ mistake. I’ve been into Graphic Designing for almost 10 years and it is stupid to post an image (shopped) with your credentials (think twice man). Yes indeed, netizens want blood, and we want it badly…

5. mr kagkong. - October 3, 2011

what’s up with this kabayan, nothin new, making a mountain out of a mole hill..

6. MinnieRunner - October 3, 2011

Kawawa naman si photographer. I believe he is just doing his job. Iniutos ‘yun sa kanya ng boss nya, at mapapatalsik siya sa work kapag hindi nya un ginawa. Ang dapat managot diyan, foremost, is yung nag-utos, at ung nag-approve na i-release siya publicly.

Leon Cortez - October 7, 2011

Hindi sya Kawawa , the photographer. Nag sideline yan. kaya lang palpak sya. nawili e.

7. angry bird - October 9, 2011


8. sad_phil_citizen - November 21, 2011


quiapo - December 31, 2011

Wag magmalinis? Hindi lahat ng tao kurakot. At hindi crab mentality ang pagtuligsa at pagpuna sa isang sistemang baluktot.

9. joel america - December 28, 2011

and dpwh union masyado ng nagpapahirap sa mga empleyado……. mantakin mo ba naman na ung nakuha naming cna e binawasan pa ng union…… ung iba me 5,000, me 10,000 lalo na me 20,000 na wala ng natira sa empleyado…….v wala naman silang binigay na babala……. katuwiran nila nag abono daw sila sa ga arrears na inabonohan nila nang mga me salary loan na empleyado…… na aminado ang union na nagkamali sila sa mga bawas na monthly….. pinaalis pa nila ung dati nilang empleyado sa union na kunwari sya ang ,me kasalanan lahat nito…. hugas kamay sila sa mga anomalya nila…..isang caloy na taga planning ang nagpumilit bawasan ang mga empleyado na nagpunta pa sa mis para utusan ang taga gawa ng payroll ng mga tao,,, at itoy nanigaw pa sa mga tao duon…… ang presidenta naman na wala namang silbi, ubod ng tanga….. ang auditor namang si yeng ng BOM ay kunwari di pa alam na ganuon ang nangyari………… malaking pagkakamali ang kanilang ginawang ito…….. atat na atat sila sa pera ng mga tao……. ang hihirap pa nilang kausapin…… meron pang isa ung c pearl na empleyado sa union lagi pang mataas ang boses napakayabang na tao……… me araw din kayo sa amin……..

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