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Does the DPWH’s Singson have no originality? Pointing blame on the photographer was first made in China! October 3, 2011

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After office hours, while reading  new posts linking to my blog, I read the Associated Post’s syndicated news write-up on the DPWH scandal and Ricky Carandang’s press release.

At the back of my head, I was still thinking of Sec. Rogelio Sison’s statement that it was a DPWH photographer who was at fault. Repeat: Photographer was at fault.

In my previous blog, I was reasoning out that it should not be the photographer’s fault because it wasn’t a photographer’s job to post pics on their web page. Also, Singson’s statement was a little bit not aligned with Beth Pilorin’s initial statement apologizing for posting photos that have not yet been cleared. I also remembered Andro Santiago’s statement in the Inquirer that there was a mix-up of photos that lead to the erroneous posting, he said that:

 the photo had been posted by mistake as they were also preparing the layout for a magazine they circulated in the DPWH.

… the images of Momo, Tagudando and Macud had been cropped from a photo and laid on top of another photo to form the image which sparked criticism online. “It was a cropped photo (of the officials) showing them in another angle.

So I was a little puzzled because there are three officials saying three different stories. They could all be telling the truth, but the story would go something like this:

  1. Photographer takes photo of the 3 in Baywalk
  2. Photographer goes back to the office, downloads his photos on his PC for possible retouching
  3. Photographer does not like his angles / photo compositions
  4. PID Boss then tells photographer to ready pictures for an internal DPWH magazine, from my interpretation, it was ok to photoshop  then because this was an internal publication (as per Andro Santiago)
  5. Photographer then goes on FB, gains admin access to the DPWH Central account, and then posts the edited photo mistakenly (as per Singson) and without approval from anyone. (as per Beth Pilorin) But he did have the time to add all that information as to who the three are and what they were doing in the photo.

Talk about multi-tasking! From that seemingly tall tale, it seems that the guy multitasks as photographer, graphics editor, web admin, and PR man (from the brief write-up that was posted with the pic). How much does the DPWH pay him? He seems like a one man PR army.

I myself was not convinced of this and I can’t think of any other way the three statements could be all real. So… I did a little research and bam! I saw this post in yahoo regarding the reasons given by the Chinese government on the China photoshop scandal.

From http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/fake-photo-fallout-chinese-officials-embrace-social-media-171223649.html

 Huili county officials were quick to blame the mix-up on journalists–or in this case, a photographer. “The explanation was almost as curious as the picture itself: as other photos showed, the three men did visit the road in question, but an unnamed photographer decided his original pictures were not suitably impressive and decided to stitch two together,”

WHAT THE EFF?!!! Did Singson just copy his excuse from China??? The Chinese and Philippine incidents are just waaaaay too similar that it’s becoming creepy. Even the Chinese officials’ excuse has now been the Philippine officials’ excuse. Even to the unnamed photographer part!

It’s funny but when Rogelio Singson said that he didn’t remember the photographer’s name, he might not have remembered it because the photographer’s name was CHINESE.

AMPF! Nangopya na nga lang tayo ng iskandalo, pati ba naman palusot, mangongopya din tayo???

Note: had to change the title a little bit



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2. papid - October 3, 2011

That is how powerful Chinese influence on the Government.

3. DPWH Secretary Singson embarrassed, aims whip at photographer « Controlled Chaos - October 3, 2011

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4. putting all the blame to a photographer seems a very flimsy kind of reasoning just to justify the action. Aminin na lang talaga ang "totoo" kung bakit nila ginawa yun para hindi na pag pistahan ang DPWH sa internet. instead of building up the image of the - October 3, 2011

putting all the blame

5. sangreyang 10 - October 4, 2011

putting all the blame to a photographer seems a very flimsy kind of reasoning just to justify the action. aminin na lang talaga ang “totoo” kung bakit nila ginawa yun para hindi na pag pistahan ang DPWH sa internet. instead of building up the image of the DPWH, the image is crumbling down like the seawall. wag nang mag-pontius pilate (hugas kamay) but simply aminin ang pagkakamali for the “truth shall set you free”

6. Tony De Guzman - October 4, 2011

Ilan taon na kaya yang mga taong yan sa Departamento nila? Tanong lang po.

7. MariaM - October 4, 2011

I found your site through a link on the Washington Post article. Wow! I LOLed through the morning. Keep these posts coming. For your enjoyment: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/blogpost/post/philippines-officials-photoshop-themselves-into-typhoon-cleanup-photo/2011/09/30/gIQA09OhAL_blog.html


quiapo - October 4, 2011

Thanks! Washington Post has been a major referrer to my blog. =)

Btw, you aren’t kris aquino by chance? Pakisabi naman sa utol mo pakibatukan yung 3 para sa akin. ;p

8. angry bird - October 9, 2011


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