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Twitter Fail: A missing period is always a cause for concern. October 6, 2011

Posted by quiapo in Uncategorized.

I woke up at around 5:45AM earlier and when I checked my phone for twitter feeds, I saw this:

screen shot from my Samsung Galaxy S2

I was still slightly sleepy and so I was dazed when I read it. I was really shocked upon seeing the tweet, I mean, WTF??? Is Nora Aunor in the hospital after being held-up, raped, and killed???

Fortunately the tweet was just missing a period sign. The Inquirer should be a lot more careful. These types of tweets can hurt someone, I mean, what if a solid Noranian who had heart disease read that? She might’ve had a heart attack, collapsed, and then rushed to the hospital like their idol.

I tweeted inquirerdotnet and dziq990 about it and they said “thanks for the feedback.” The moral of the story: The 140 character limit set by twitter isn’t an excuse for anyone to delete important punctuation marks.

p.s. Please Noranians don’t go on bashing The Philippine Inquirer for this. I believe it was an honest mistake.

p.p.s. A little more than an hour after that and I was shocked with another news, Steve Jobs: Requiescat in pace



1. Rein Sano - October 2, 2013

I was reading articles about MBA then I got here and was easily hooked up by the contents of your blog. I love it, I even read posts from your 2006 archive. I also wonder if you already found a ‘hot bisexual gf’. Anyway, more power =)

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