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Game of Nerds October 8, 2011

Posted by quiapo in Uncategorized.

I’m taking a break from all the pressure of going against the DPWH and their stupidity and decided to get back to playing my favorite online game right now.

Here’s a game that I and my friends and org-mates have been addicted to since last month. Game of Nerds is a quiz game for the geeks and the tech savvy (usually the  geeks are the tech savvy).  It features questions about the internet, computer games, software, hardware and the latest tech, sci-fi, action, and fantasy movies and tv series, sci-fi and fantasy literature, chemistry, biology, physics, math, and even board games and RPG. Yep, stuff that don’t usually get asked on Game KNB or Who Wants to be A Millionaire.

Check out the game here: www.gameofnerds.com


Why is it fun and addicting? Even I can’t really explained it. Aside from the game having nice sounds that get make you feel like you’re in Jeopardy, the game is pretty hard even if you have some casual knowledge of the topics. I myself thought I had plenty of knowledge about computer games but then  of all the categories this is one of my weakest. Some questions are very hard, you’d have to dig-in to your college and high school memories just to answer it. So why would you want to try it? Because…

Game of Nerds is a celebration of geekdom. If you consider yourself a geek, if someone called you a geek, or if you like geek culture, this game is for you. The questions might be hard, but they validate you. And you also get to learn more geeky stuff and perhaps you can pick up a new interest there from all the weird questions.

So if you know what’s the main difference between an Intel 386 and 386sx chip, or if you know the meaning of SMTP, ARP, and what socket the Intel Core2 DUo plugs into, this game’s for you. (and even if you don’t there are a lot of categories to choose from).

You can add me there if you need a teammate, my username is pierresd.

Disclaimer:  besides playing and sending a few questions, I’m not involved in any way with Game of Nerds, it’s just such a fun game worth blogging about.



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