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A LACK OF HUMANITY AND NO FIRST AID TRAINING??? Pampanga Police fail October 12, 2011

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My brother just alerted me to this video showing the disgusting inaction of the police, mall security, and mall admin.  I do not have any confirmation that this is indeed a video from a shooting incident that happened in one of the popular malls in Pampanga, but given that the dialect being spoken is Kapampangan, and the recent news that the shooter and the victim were adolescent boys, and the mall officials’ uniform looks like it was from one of the more popular malls in Pampanga…

Well, the youtube video’s title gives a better description:

(Note: not for people who easily get grossed out)

I believe the standard procedure for this type of incident is to secure the area first, and when there are no imminent threats, proceed to help the injured, regardless if the injured is a victim or the shooter.

As you can see from the video, there are no more imminent threats in the area as the shooter is lying down on the ground. Inexplicably, police and security personnel have been roaming around the area while there was no one giving first aid to the fallen guy lying on the left.  The guy was twitching and rolling around in agony and no one was giving him any attention – what the hell?!!

Instead of just walking around like lazy mindless idiots that don’t give a f*ck,  they should’ve been helping that guy that was still struggling!!! Why is it that no one even went near them???


Prompt action could have prevented loss of blood, infection, and failure of internal organs. That guy’s life could still be saved if there was any urgency in their actions. But there’s none for the most part of the video. The police and security were just looking around like it was just a movie set. ANO YAN SHOOTING NG PELIKULA NI BINOE??? One of the most frustrating parts of this video is at 1:02 when it was shown that one of the security guards even had a first aid kit on his belt, and he didn’t do anything!

It took 2 minutes since the start of the video until someone arrived to check on the guy with the white and blue shirt. The one that went to help doesn’t even look like a public official or one of the mall’s employees.


Puro na lang kabobohan ang nangyayari sa atin recently… nakakalungkot.

They should fire everyone in this video for their lack of humanity.

Update:  Follow-up coverage by ABS-CBN just makes the incident even worse. According to their reports, the guy that was still struggling was the 16 yr old victim. The 13 yr old shooter is the one that wasn’t moving and seemed dead. So… if the victim still had signs of life, why the hell didn’t anyone try to help him???

Also, from this video: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/video/nation/regions/10/13/11/teens-sm-shooting-could-have-been-saved-says-expert it’s clear that the victim had a chance of surviving if anyone gave him first aid. It was stupid of the PNP to reason out that they were waiting for medical personnel. Just putting pressure on the bullet wound would’ve helped slow down the bleeding.



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