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Mga Utak Wangwang October 16, 2011

Posted by quiapo in Musings / Random Thoughts.
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There’s a new page in Facebook that aims to give normal folk like me a way to vent out their frustration at all the wrong things the Philippine government, its officials, and employees have been doing.

Join the community at:


Netizens are encouraged to post reactions, photos, and videos of government officials and the utak wangwang things that they do… even if it’s as simple as putting their names and ugly faces on posters of government projects and programs (illegal by law), to corrupt practices, to bonehead policies and execution. From the page:

Layunin ng page na ito ang kulektahin ang mga pang-aabuso at kawalang-isip ng mga opisyal sa gobyerno.

Nais nitong ipakita na kahit na anong press release pa ang sabihin ng Malacanang na sila’y kontra abuso at kurapsyon, ang tunay na siste ng gobyerno at ng mga opisyal nito ay di pa rin nababago. Baluktot pa din ang pamamalakad at naghahari-harian pa din at walang pananagutan ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno.

The page is inspired by the DPWHERE movement wherein netizens gamely photoshopped 3 DPWH officials onto various places as a means to make fun of and shame the DPWH after the recent DPWH photoshop scandal that broke out from this blog. The admin hopes that if people can edit pictures as a sign of protest, it would be much more easier to share links, take photos and videos of the lapses and failure of our government officials.

Let’s collectively use the power of shame, because in our government’s case, simple constructive criticism just won’t do.



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