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Putting TANGA in BATANGAS October 20, 2011

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There’s a new meme in town, and it’s now being called hollywoodpilipinas, after Batangas Governor Vilma Santos’ plan to put the word “BATANGAS” on Taal volcano like the giant HOLLYWOOD sign in, well, Hollywood California.

Proposed BATANGAS sign on Taal
(image from inquirer.net)

You can check out the details of Ate Vi’s plan here:  http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/79089/hooray-for-hollywood-on-taal-volcano-island

Ate Vi, Mark Leviste, and the rest of the Batangas provincial government just put TANGA in BATANGAS. 

Why they’d want to ruin the perfectly picturesque view of Taal by copying Hollywood is a puzzle to me. Are they turning their council meetings into pot sessions? If I was on weed, then perhaps I’d be delighted by the idea of putting the Batangas sign on Taal Volcano just to troll all the Cavitenos. But I’m not on weed so I’m less than entertained. In fact I’m dumbfounded and shocked that such a lame-ass idea could get approval from the provincial government of Batangas. Iba na talaga ang star power ni Ate Vi.

Personally, I hate what they want to do. They’re reasoning that since Taal is actually part of Batangas, putting a ginormous sign is just the Batangas government’s way of making it known that Taal is theirs. Don’t they know how to read maps??? Can’t they just edit the wikipedia entry on Taal volcano? Why’d you put such an ugly sign on such a beautiful view?

The Hollywood sign became famous because it is in this very famous place called Hollywood. And seriously, without the HOLLYWOOD sign on that mountain, the mountain wouldn’t be as iconic. In Taal, this wouldn’t be the case as Taal has always been iconic with its lake withing a crater within a lake within a crater uniqueness. Everyone will just see that we’re just second rate trying hard copycats (enter Cherrie Gil shoving water up Ate Vi’s face).

I can just imagine landscape photographers raging right now.

Irritated netizens have now started a new meme, photoshopping signs ala “HOLLYWOOD” on local places like Payatas, smokey mountain,  the Hundred Islands, the Spratly’s islands, even the DPWH guys have been photoshopped to Taal. ;p Go to the hollywood pilipinas page on FB: https://www.facebook.com/hollywoodpilipinas.

p.s. I mean no offense to the good people of Batangas, so pardon the title. To those that might be offended, I apologize. I just think that the plan is stupid. Please elect better government officials next time =)



1. designpinoy - October 21, 2011

Gov Vilma can’t get to hollywood so she brings it here LOL. Can I share my list of TOP 10 Funniest Hollywood Signs Philippines version http://bit.ly/np1dsu

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