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FHM Philippines covers can be racy, but should never be RACIST. February 25, 2012

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Major Update: FHM Philippines has issued an apology and will use another cover for their March 2012 issue. You can see their official statement here.

They have deleted the old cover’s picture from their fb page and with this, I have also deleted the reposted image here as I believe I should not be storing racially insensitive images in my personal blog. I hope that other sites that reposted the FHM Philippines’ “stepping out of the shadows” cover would delete their copies as well. I also hope that our friends from all forms of media learn from this issue and become more sensitive to racial and social issues.

The blog posting per se is still intact below, but without the image.


I was involuntarily shutdown from any gimmicks tonight because my right thigh hurts after I sprained it yesterday, so I was wasting my time on FB when a post from FHM Philippines’ Facebook page caught my eye. I’m a sucker for porcelain skinned girls and I wanted to view a bigger version of the picture. So I clicked on the link and this is what I saw:

(Image Deleted for World Peace)

March 2012 FHM Philippines Bela Padilla Cover
Also when you see it, you’ll shitbrix

I had to squint a little and check the details of the photo. It say’s “Bela Padilla: stepping out of the shadows” with a very light skinned Bela Padilla surrounded by five girls. Of the five, it seems three had their bodies (and face) covered in black paint. Er… isn’t that BLACKFACE?

Now, I was pretty surprised to see this. I know FHM has been criticized as a sexist rag, but do they have to be racist as well?  With FHM being an international publication, I don’t understand how the magazine’s editors and art team would fail to recognize the sensitivity of people to blackface.  Blackface has been a tool of racism in America since the early 1800s, where African Americans are stereotyped and lampooned as several comical caricatures. In the US, as well as in most of the western world, the use of blackface has been very controversial and has been generally limited to satire in main stream media, such as in Robert Downey Jr.’s character in Tropic Thunder.

And even without the blackface, the “stepping out of the shadows” theme with “black” girls seemingly worshiping a very light skinned Bela Padilla is pretty racist as well. The photo gives a stark contrast to what people deem attractive/grabs attention as represented by skin tones, with the shadow / unnoticeable “black girls” being mere background to Bela Padilla who’s skin is very light. To me, what this projects is that you can only be noticed (step out of the shadow) if you are light skinned. Now, ain’t that racist?

I posted this reaction on the same FHM post above:

just my two cents: FHM is an international publication and they should’ve been more sensitive to issues on racism. A quick wiki shows that blackface was used to stereotype and lampoon African Americans.

Kung tayo nga, sobrang sensitive natin pag may humihirit ng negative tungkol sa pinoy/Pilipinas, bakit pagdating sa mga african-americans eh napaka-racist pa din natin na napaka-insensitive natin tulad na lang dito sa cover na ‘to. If you don’t want racism to be used against you, be sensitive to other races.

In this day and age, blackface should only be used for satire or social commentary. This isn’t the case in this shoot.

A lot of other netizens have been calling out FHM and their racist photoshoot as well. I do hope that from the negative reaction, they’ll issue a public apology, review their editorial policies, punish the staff responsible for this, and recall the magazine and replace it with something that’s not racist.

Update: someone posted an online petition to recall the magazine issue. If you’re like me and you’re offended (and/or you shat brix upon seeing the blackfaces) , sign it.  http://www.change.org/petitions/for-him-magazine-philippines-to-apologize-for-and-recall-the-racist-march-2012-cover?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=share_with_facebook_friends#


DPWH Photoshop Fail September 28, 2011

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I’m a civil engineer by profession and I love my job and if there’s one thing I hate it’s people that fabricate their inspection reports. Why? Inspection reports are very important in our field, if the inspection report is erroneous, this might lead to a wrong and/or costly design. Aside from that, it might lead to a very difficult project implementation, and worse, not prepare others from potential safety risks of the site.

Which is why  I was uber-pissed when I was checking my updates in FB at around lunch time yesterday and I saw this:

click on the image to enlarge

Now, if you didn’t have knowledge in Adobe photoshop, you would’ve just glanced at it and moved on with your life, but I’ve used the software since I was in high school (I’m 30 now) so I kinda noticed something weird. Here’s the blow-up of the image from DPWH:

click on the image to enlarge

WTF?! Those three guys seem to be floating on air.

So I re-checked the image and concluded that DPWH fabricated this picture. Why they had to edit it and not just simply compose a photo with all three guys, I do not know. Although my evil mind tells me that the DPWH wants a pogi photo showing their bosses in deep thought while assessing the disaster site, and they didn’t have the opportunity to pose because those guys were probably there for 15 minutes max – so they just lasso tooled the hell out of that pic.

Here are my findings on how lame this photo was ‘shopped.

click on the image to enlarge

Shit, even my mom can do that in CS5. I didn’t even go to lighting analysis because I’m not a photoshop expert, but I sure as hell know that I’m better at photoshop than the guy that did this hack job.

Some say this is a very minor issue, but I see this as a nice sample of DPWH’s lack of integrity. If they can fabricate simple things like this, just imagine what these guys can do to progress billings and acceptance of projects. Also, while relatively mild, isn’t this a classic example of “Utak Wangwang?” While unethical and unnecessary, they thought they could get away with fabricating photos so they tried to.

As of this writing, the DPWH has not apologized for this grave indiscretion.


Update: After more than a day, they apologized for posting an *uncleared* pic. They didn’t say anything  about how much they rely on photoshop though… https://quiapo.wordpress.com/2011/09/29/hey-hey-the-dpwh-apologizes-sort-of/

Update2: My bad, I was sleepy and thought DPWH claimed the inital pic wasn’t photoshopped. I misread it, yung *official pic* pala ang sinasabi ni Mr. Santiago. The initial tirade against Santiago that I posted here was uncalled for. But I’m still pissed at their stupid reasons for the mix-up.  Here’s the inquirer.net article: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/67533/photo-of-%E2%80%98floating%E2%80%99-dpwh-officials-causes-uproar-in-cyberspace

Update3: another bopols move by the DPWH  https://quiapo.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/another-bopols-move-for-the-dpwh-kisses-bosses-ass-before-appeasing-noynoys-bosses/

Update4: Found a nice fb page collecting photoshopped DPWH images. Check out DPWHERE to de-stress. Also check out plop-culture, one of the first sites that posted DPWH meme images.

Update5: It’s now in the Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/blogpost/post/philippines-officials-photoshop-themselves-into-typhoon-cleanup-photo/2011/09/30/gIQA09OhAL_blog.html

Update6: Pakiusap lang sa mga nagsasabing nakakahiya ang Pilipinas at maging Pilipino dahil sa insidenteng ito.  https://quiapo.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/pakiusap-lang/

Update7: DPWH Secretary Singson is embarrassed, aims whip at photographer: https://quiapo.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/dpwh-secretary-singson-embarrassed-aims-whip-at-photographer/

Update8: WTF? Could Sec. Singson’s excuse/reason be made in China? https://quiapo.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/does-singson-dpwh-have-no-originality-pointing-the-blame-on-the-photographer-is-first-made-in-china/

Update9: And now we have CAKE https://quiapo.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/the-dpwh-meme-cake-no-acceptance-celebration-is-complete-without-it-d/




Shore in Sepia May 5, 2006

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Shore in Sepia, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

A seaside in Batangas shot in Sepia for that classic feel.

Mabolo May 5, 2006

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Mabolo, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

The Fruit not the Place. Both are tempting…

The Sun and the Windmill May 5, 2006

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The Sun and the Windmill, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

Two circles above me

Bliss May 5, 2006

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Bliss, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

The sea was gray during this shoot (which is the reason I shot this in black and white), but that didn't darken the mood of the children playing near the shore

Trees in black and white May 5, 2006

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Trees in monochrome, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

A verdant rolling terrain with trees, bright blue sky, and the glimmering sea nearby. In black and white the vibrant scene becomes somber

Villagio Ignatius May 5, 2006

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Villagio Ignatius, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

This is the main entrance of Villagio Ignatius, a project site I’m currently handling.

Life in Mono May 5, 2006

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burst, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

Like the song, this is a dark and gloomy photo depicting something very much alive, this is a live indoor plant which we have in our office.

red dragonfly May 5, 2006

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red-dragon-fly, originally uploaded by demet2hel.

This is the dragonfly I loved to chase when I was young because it moves very swiftly and is almost impossible to catch, unfortunately modernization in our town led to their near extinction (in our place only…) but in one of my sites I was fortunate enough to chance upon one of them