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Mga Utak Wangwang October 16, 2011

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There’s a new page in Facebook that aims to give normal folk like me a way to vent out their frustration at all the wrong things the Philippine government, its officials, and employees have been doing.

Join the community at:


Netizens are encouraged to post reactions, photos, and videos of government officials and the utak wangwang things that they do… even if it’s as simple as putting their names and ugly faces on posters of government projects and programs (illegal by law), to corrupt practices, to bonehead policies and execution. From the page:

Layunin ng page na ito ang kulektahin ang mga pang-aabuso at kawalang-isip ng mga opisyal sa gobyerno.

Nais nitong ipakita na kahit na anong press release pa ang sabihin ng Malacanang na sila’y kontra abuso at kurapsyon, ang tunay na siste ng gobyerno at ng mga opisyal nito ay di pa rin nababago. Baluktot pa din ang pamamalakad at naghahari-harian pa din at walang pananagutan ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno.

The page is inspired by the DPWHERE movement wherein netizens gamely photoshopped 3 DPWH officials onto various places as a means to make fun of and shame the DPWH after the recent DPWH photoshop scandal that broke out from this blog. The admin hopes that if people can edit pictures as a sign of protest, it would be much more easier to share links, take photos and videos of the lapses and failure of our government officials.

Let’s collectively use the power of shame, because in our government’s case, simple constructive criticism just won’t do.


A LACK OF HUMANITY AND NO FIRST AID TRAINING??? Pampanga Police fail October 12, 2011

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My brother just alerted me to this video showing the disgusting inaction of the police, mall security, and mall admin.  I do not have any confirmation that this is indeed a video from a shooting incident that happened in one of the popular malls in Pampanga, but given that the dialect being spoken is Kapampangan, and the recent news that the shooter and the victim were adolescent boys, and the mall officials’ uniform looks like it was from one of the more popular malls in Pampanga…

Well, the youtube video’s title gives a better description:

(Note: not for people who easily get grossed out)

I believe the standard procedure for this type of incident is to secure the area first, and when there are no imminent threats, proceed to help the injured, regardless if the injured is a victim or the shooter.

As you can see from the video, there are no more imminent threats in the area as the shooter is lying down on the ground. Inexplicably, police and security personnel have been roaming around the area while there was no one giving first aid to the fallen guy lying on the left.  The guy was twitching and rolling around in agony and no one was giving him any attention – what the hell?!!

Instead of just walking around like lazy mindless idiots that don’t give a f*ck,  they should’ve been helping that guy that was still struggling!!! Why is it that no one even went near them???


Prompt action could have prevented loss of blood, infection, and failure of internal organs. That guy’s life could still be saved if there was any urgency in their actions. But there’s none for the most part of the video. The police and security were just looking around like it was just a movie set. ANO YAN SHOOTING NG PELIKULA NI BINOE??? One of the most frustrating parts of this video is at 1:02 when it was shown that one of the security guards even had a first aid kit on his belt, and he didn’t do anything!

It took 2 minutes since the start of the video until someone arrived to check on the guy with the white and blue shirt. The one that went to help doesn’t even look like a public official or one of the mall’s employees.


Puro na lang kabobohan ang nangyayari sa atin recently… nakakalungkot.

They should fire everyone in this video for their lack of humanity.

Update:  Follow-up coverage by ABS-CBN just makes the incident even worse. According to their reports, the guy that was still struggling was the 16 yr old victim. The 13 yr old shooter is the one that wasn’t moving and seemed dead. So… if the victim still had signs of life, why the hell didn’t anyone try to help him???

Also, from this video: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/video/nation/regions/10/13/11/teens-sm-shooting-could-have-been-saved-says-expert it’s clear that the victim had a chance of surviving if anyone gave him first aid. It was stupid of the PNP to reason out that they were waiting for medical personnel. Just putting pressure on the bullet wound would’ve helped slow down the bleeding.

The DPWH Meme Cake, no acceptance celebration is complete without it! =D October 11, 2011

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I’ve covered the emergence of the fb page of DPWHere? in my previous blog post. A lot of people have shared their DPWH photoshop memes through that page and the posts are very creative and funny. Some foreigners even joined in on the fun =)

Just earlier, this new pic has taken the meme into a whole new level. I present to you… the DPWH CAKE!

DPWH Cake - Perfect for project acceptance celebrations!

Picture re-posted w/ permission from Nothing but C

The DPWH  meme cake is the perfect gift to cap a successful government funded project. It symbolizes the valiant efforts of the DPWH personnel in ensuring that the projects are completed on time, at cost, and with good quality – just like the remarkable job they did with the Buendia flyover.

The cake is not a photoshop fabrication, it’s a real edible cake made by Nowhere but C. You can check out their fb page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nothing-but-C/189002471115181 to view their other funny creations and their details. You could also reach them by email thru ms_yet@yahoo.com.

I don’t have any occasion to celebrate right now but I’d love to order one of these and just bite the heads off of each guy and then repost the carnage here. >=P

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Nothing but C, but the pic and their details are posted with permission from their facebook page admin.

Game of Nerds October 8, 2011

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I’m taking a break from all the pressure of going against the DPWH and their stupidity and decided to get back to playing my favorite online game right now.

Here’s a game that I and my friends and org-mates have been addicted to since last month. Game of Nerds is a quiz game for the geeks and the tech savvy (usually the  geeks are the tech savvy).  It features questions about the internet, computer games, software, hardware and the latest tech, sci-fi, action, and fantasy movies and tv series, sci-fi and fantasy literature, chemistry, biology, physics, math, and even board games and RPG. Yep, stuff that don’t usually get asked on Game KNB or Who Wants to be A Millionaire.

Check out the game here: www.gameofnerds.com


Why is it fun and addicting? Even I can’t really explained it. Aside from the game having nice sounds that get make you feel like you’re in Jeopardy, the game is pretty hard even if you have some casual knowledge of the topics. I myself thought I had plenty of knowledge about computer games but then  of all the categories this is one of my weakest. Some questions are very hard, you’d have to dig-in to your college and high school memories just to answer it. So why would you want to try it? Because…

Game of Nerds is a celebration of geekdom. If you consider yourself a geek, if someone called you a geek, or if you like geek culture, this game is for you. The questions might be hard, but they validate you. And you also get to learn more geeky stuff and perhaps you can pick up a new interest there from all the weird questions.

So if you know what’s the main difference between an Intel 386 and 386sx chip, or if you know the meaning of SMTP, ARP, and what socket the Intel Core2 DUo plugs into, this game’s for you. (and even if you don’t there are a lot of categories to choose from).

You can add me there if you need a teammate, my username is pierresd.

Disclaimer:  besides playing and sending a few questions, I’m not involved in any way with Game of Nerds, it’s just such a fun game worth blogging about.

Twitter Fail: A missing period is always a cause for concern. October 6, 2011

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I woke up at around 5:45AM earlier and when I checked my phone for twitter feeds, I saw this:

screen shot from my Samsung Galaxy S2

I was still slightly sleepy and so I was dazed when I read it. I was really shocked upon seeing the tweet, I mean, WTF??? Is Nora Aunor in the hospital after being held-up, raped, and killed???

Fortunately the tweet was just missing a period sign. The Inquirer should be a lot more careful. These types of tweets can hurt someone, I mean, what if a solid Noranian who had heart disease read that? She might’ve had a heart attack, collapsed, and then rushed to the hospital like their idol.

I tweeted inquirerdotnet and dziq990 about it and they said “thanks for the feedback.” The moral of the story: The 140 character limit set by twitter isn’t an excuse for anyone to delete important punctuation marks.

p.s. Please Noranians don’t go on bashing The Philippine Inquirer for this. I believe it was an honest mistake.

p.p.s. A little more than an hour after that and I was shocked with another news, Steve Jobs: Requiescat in pace

Does the DPWH’s Singson have no originality? Pointing blame on the photographer was first made in China! October 3, 2011

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After office hours, while reading  new posts linking to my blog, I read the Associated Post’s syndicated news write-up on the DPWH scandal and Ricky Carandang’s press release.

At the back of my head, I was still thinking of Sec. Rogelio Sison’s statement that it was a DPWH photographer who was at fault. Repeat: Photographer was at fault.

In my previous blog, I was reasoning out that it should not be the photographer’s fault because it wasn’t a photographer’s job to post pics on their web page. Also, Singson’s statement was a little bit not aligned with Beth Pilorin’s initial statement apologizing for posting photos that have not yet been cleared. I also remembered Andro Santiago’s statement in the Inquirer that there was a mix-up of photos that lead to the erroneous posting, he said that:

 the photo had been posted by mistake as they were also preparing the layout for a magazine they circulated in the DPWH.

… the images of Momo, Tagudando and Macud had been cropped from a photo and laid on top of another photo to form the image which sparked criticism online. “It was a cropped photo (of the officials) showing them in another angle.

So I was a little puzzled because there are three officials saying three different stories. They could all be telling the truth, but the story would go something like this:

  1. Photographer takes photo of the 3 in Baywalk
  2. Photographer goes back to the office, downloads his photos on his PC for possible retouching
  3. Photographer does not like his angles / photo compositions
  4. PID Boss then tells photographer to ready pictures for an internal DPWH magazine, from my interpretation, it was ok to photoshop  then because this was an internal publication (as per Andro Santiago)
  5. Photographer then goes on FB, gains admin access to the DPWH Central account, and then posts the edited photo mistakenly (as per Singson) and without approval from anyone. (as per Beth Pilorin) But he did have the time to add all that information as to who the three are and what they were doing in the photo.

Talk about multi-tasking! From that seemingly tall tale, it seems that the guy multitasks as photographer, graphics editor, web admin, and PR man (from the brief write-up that was posted with the pic). How much does the DPWH pay him? He seems like a one man PR army.

I myself was not convinced of this and I can’t think of any other way the three statements could be all real. So… I did a little research and bam! I saw this post in yahoo regarding the reasons given by the Chinese government on the China photoshop scandal.

From http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/fake-photo-fallout-chinese-officials-embrace-social-media-171223649.html

 Huili county officials were quick to blame the mix-up on journalists–or in this case, a photographer. “The explanation was almost as curious as the picture itself: as other photos showed, the three men did visit the road in question, but an unnamed photographer decided his original pictures were not suitably impressive and decided to stitch two together,”

WHAT THE EFF?!!! Did Singson just copy his excuse from China??? The Chinese and Philippine incidents are just waaaaay too similar that it’s becoming creepy. Even the Chinese officials’ excuse has now been the Philippine officials’ excuse. Even to the unnamed photographer part!

It’s funny but when Rogelio Singson said that he didn’t remember the photographer’s name, he might not have remembered it because the photographer’s name was CHINESE.

AMPF! Nangopya na nga lang tayo ng iskandalo, pati ba naman palusot, mangongopya din tayo???

Note: had to change the title a little bit

DPWH Secretary Singson embarrassed, aims whip at photographer October 2, 2011

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I just saw this development at ABS-CBN’s website: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/10/02/11/singson-photoshop-fiasco-embarrassing

Singson said:

“it’s very embarrassing to the DPWH. We’re all trying to imbue honesty and integrity and here comes a fake picture.”

Ayos na sana, but then he also said these:

Singson said it is the fault of the photographer, who will be sanctioned for “high dishonesty.” He did not name the photographer, saying only, “I don’t even want to remember.”

Singson said an investigation is not needed anymore.

“The guy, the photographer himself, came to me and said the three had nothing to with it. An investigation is not needed anymore,” he said.

IMHO, this is yet another utak wangwang move. Since Singson perceived that the netizens want blood, he’s probably gonna make a sacrificial lamb out of that photographer. Poor guy. Isn’t it that the job of photographers is primarily to take pictures, publicists / PR people are the ones that choose and posts pictures on the web. So why does the axe fall on him? Or, why only him?

Tsaka kailangan pa talaga nilang MAG-HIRE NG PHOTOGRAPHER??? Ikaw na ang DPWH!!! Kaya pala ang taas ng tax ko… =(

By pointing all the blame on the photographer, they are trying to end the issue without really resolving the root cause. And the root cause is that DPWH’s personnel think too lowly of the public that they think they can easily pass off fabricated photos as real ones. This mentality is also what makes corruption rampant in the DPWH.

Also, who might this photographer be? For all we know, this might be a ghost employee. So wala din talagang mapaparusahan at naisahan na naman tayo ng DPWH.

Beth Pilorin, DPWH-PID head, in her apology  stated that “the pic was not cleared yet  before the staff posted it” so I think this issue is more of a procedural error than an isolated dishonest move by one of their photographers to appease the bosses. Now, if it indeed is a procedural error, there’s a breakdown in management.

If there’s a breakdown in management… you should cull it at the management level. What do you guys think?

Update: that photographer excuse that Sec. Singson gave? It might have been made in china: https://quiapo.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/does-singson-dpwh-have-no-originality-pointing-the-blame-on-the-photographer-is-first-made-in-china/

Pakiusap lang October 1, 2011

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I’ve been reading the reactions to the DPWH photoshop scandal on various sites and I’m kinda disheartened every time I read a reaction that they’re ashamed of the Philippines and/or of being Filipino due to this incident.

Yes, the one who photoshopped the pic was a Filipino, the one that posted the pic in fb is a Filipino, the three DPWH officials in the photo are Filipinos, and the DPWH is an agency of the Philippine Government.

But these are just how many people? Some seem to forget that aside from those guys, there are also other Filipinos. I am a Filipino, a proud one at that. My family and friends that first spread word that the DPWH tried to use photoshopped pics “para magpa-pogi” are also all Filipinos. Tunaynalalake (TNL), the first major blog to repost the issue, link to my blog, and has been very instrumental in spreading the issue, is also managed by Filipinos. All the other bloggers, twitter, tumblr, plurk, fb users that reacted and reposted the photoshopped pics, guys like Jim Ayson, they’re all Filipinos. All the ones reacting here in my blog, angry at the DPWH and demanding an explanation, they’re all Filipinos. All the ones currently raging on DPWH’s FB page are Filipinos. The creative people that post their ‘shopped pics of the DPWH officials in DPWHERE are all Filipinos. Everyone offended by what the DPWH did are Filipinos. And most importantly, The ones that are currently trying to put those responsible to task, and whose collective voices are demanding and expecting more from the government – are Filipinos.

So… please don’t be ashamed of the country and its citizens. There may be a few bad eggs in the batch, but seeing the reactions here and all over the internet, you should actually be proud to be Filipino, because we will not let the government treat us like fools again.

DPWHERE: The most concise collection of DPWH meme images September 30, 2011

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Yep, the DPWH has gone places. What places? Well, places like the moon, the Rizal Shrine, the Royal Rumble, on top of the sphinx…

For those who want comic relief after being frustrated with the DPWH’s kabopolan, you guys might want to check out the edited images at the DPWHERE? fb page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/DPWHERE/147529172009029?sk=wall

Also check out plop culture, one of the first blogs to collate DPWH meme images, and I believe the first to coin the term “DPWH goes places.”

It’s amazing that some images look much more realistic than DPWH’s original edited photo.

Here are a few images for your enjoyment:

frm Data Canlas

frm Dennis Niera

frm Dennis Nierra

frm Felix Ocampo

Update: And now we have CAKE https://quiapo.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/the-dpwh-meme-cake-no-acceptance-celebration-is-complete-without-it-d/

Calumpit residents need rubber boats September 30, 2011

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I’m gonna use some of my purported “15 seconds of fame” for this, guys and gals that visit this page, let’s try and help the residents of Calumpit Bulacan. I saw this on a friend’s fb page:

MESSAGE FROM CALUMPIT RESIDENTS: PLEASE.. Kung may kakilala po kayo sa media or sa mga TV Stations or Radio Stations.. Pakiusap po.. Calumpit, Bulacan is in need of rubber boats.. Hundreds of rubber boats.. Andame pa po naka stock sa community namin.. PLEASE.. Help us..

p.s. I still have trauma from when Ondoy decimated our house, so I kinda know what they’re experiencing right now. Aside from rubber boats, please spare some change and donate relief goods to those affected by the flooding.