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An MBA Dropout’s Valedictory Address… May 28, 2009

Posted by quiapo in Musings / Random Thoughts.
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Ok, I know that this blog will be my suicidal note to my once beloved MBA studies in De La Salle University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB). And as suicidal notes go, I’m sorry to all my past professors, friends, and classmates in the DLSU GSB, but I am now going to discuss the bad side of the MBA program of La Salle and I know most are not going to like it, some will get mad at me, but everyone will say that my points are valid, though some will never admit it publicly. This is the end to my MBA in DLSU. The dropout’s valedictory address:


Basically, my point is that the school is now so delusional about its “prestigious” MBA program that it doesn’t realize how rotten it has become. Unfortunately, people like me who want to have an MBA degree only find out about the rottenness after we have enrolled and spent precious time and money (to the tune of more than 20K pesos per term).

The issues that I’ll discuss below really need to be known by the public, especially since hundreds of people are blinded by the lures of an MBA degree and the seemingly very professional and business like image that La Salle’s Graduate School of Business falsely portrays.

Of the hundreds that enroll as new students to the GSB, by my estimates a third lose interest only after a term. In my case, during my first term there were five of us “newbies” that became close friends due to our seating arrangement and same class schedules. Of the five, only two continued their MBA studies after the first term, and now there is only one remaining student. The rest have dropped out after being disappointed with the program, and there are a lot of reasons to be disappointed with the program, my personal ones are:

1. They’ll suck the money right out of your pockets – and they will do this by charging fees in almost everything that you do… you have to pay a thousand pesos for taking a make-up exam because of an excused reason (i.e. you were out of town because of work or you were sick, thus making the school’s definition of an “excused” absence questionable…), getting a new ID is worth about 500 bucks (seriously, I can get one printed in Recto for 100), for reprinting of the enrollment form, for adjustments in your enrollment (in case you’ll change subjects), for paying in installment terms, for dropping subjects, internet fee, parking fees, for manuals/lecture notes that rarely are given by the professor… Sometimes I wonder if I’d be charged extra by the school if I breathe in more than their designated number of oxygen molecules. Having good business practices to maximize profit is one thing, but greed is something else…

2. Hey, isn’t this a graduate school? Aren’t majority of the students employed full-time? Then please stop treating us like this is an undergrad degree and our parents will kill us if we didn’t pass your subject…

Some teachers are too inconsiderate, they think too highly of their subject that sometimes the work of their students are greatly affected by the hefty load they give. I’ve heard about people resigning from work, taking a long leave of absence, going AWOL, being scolded by their bosses, etc. because a professor in a three unit subject in the MBA is too demanding. Some professors give difficult homework every meeting; they give multiple chapters in advance that the student must read because there’s a quiz during the next meeting. It would’ve all been simple, if the professor knew how to teach, but some don’t and their students are just clueless about the assignments. I’ve seen students panic because of the inconsiderate workload that a professor gives. Their work and professional careers get sacrificed because of these all too important professors. And yet, how do the students get the money to pay for the tuition fees-which in turn become the professor’s salary? the students need to work to earn money! Only a minority of the GSB’s student population get their tuition money from their parents. Some are even company sponsored so it’s really ironic that the student’s work suffers while the company pays for the tuition.

3.  The admin is either A. incompetent or B. apathetic to their students or C. they just want our money or D. all they really care about is money or E. all of the above  – I’ve had several run-ins with the admin and this is the main reason why I’ve dropped out. I just can’t stand the incompetence of the GSB and DLSU-Manila.

My first run-in with the admin happened before my first term. After scoring very high on the multiple choice entrance test and having an average result on the essay part (I had personal issues when I took the essay exam and I wasn’t in the mood to write) one of the admin approached me as I confirmed my intent to study in DLSU and told me that I had high grades in the entrance exam and so I would be given a scholarship. Then, a day after the guy called me again and told me that I didn’t get the scholarship because I only had an average score on the essay… That really sucked especially since I already told my friends and my family that I was accepted as a scholar to the GSB. Imagine the shame… Frustrated, I went home, talked to my mother and said: “Ma hindi pala ko scholar sa lasalle kasi kabobohan daw yung sagot ko sa essay.”

My second great run-in with the admin was when the GSB was reintegrated to DLSU Manila and DLSPS was abolished. My papers with the GSB were apparently lost during the transfer from the DLSPS office… and there was this letter that they made me acknowledge asking me to resubmit the missing documents. I never even had the chance to read the letter when they made me sign it, and from what the admin staff said when she asked for my signature, I just needed to sign it as proof of receipt of the letter.

Of the documents that were lost, the most difficult document to obtain was an NSO copy of my birth certificate… and that’s because I gave them the last copy of my NSO birth certificate during my first term’s enrollment! Now, from what I understand, I was only being asked to refurnish the documents THEY lost. I didn’t lose the docs, THEY did. Unfortunately, because of work concerns and studies, I forgot about the letter.

When enrollment time came, my enrollment papers were held by the registrar for non-submittal of the documents that THEY lost. I went to the registrar to claim my enrollment papers but they wanted me to produce my NSO birth certificate before they allow me to enroll. The bad thing is that it was the last day of enrollment! They wanted me to produce my birth certificate in an instant or I wouldn’t be able to enroll… I then told them that they should not do that to me, that it was unfair to me because they were the ones that lost the original and now they are harassing me. She said that by signing the letter that they gave asking for the lost documents, I conformed to the school’s condition that they will hold my enrollment if I wasn’t able to produce new copies. I protested and said that I only signed the letter to note that I received it, as this was my understanding with one of their staff.

The registrar then said that, regardless of the signature, it was school policy and that if I didn’t give the birth certificate I won’t be able to enroll. The registrar then, beaming, told me that I should even feel grateful to them because they went out of their way to ask UP Diliman for another set of my transcript, which THEY also lost. I should in fact be happy because I only needed to produce my birth certificate, and it was now a little over 1pm on the last day of enrollment. Thanks DLSU! You managed to get a new copy of my transcript but you still wouldn’t let me enroll because you lost my birth certificate.

I was only able to enroll because I struck a deal with the registrar to order a new copy of my birth certificate from the NSO that same day, so I rushed to an internet café, went to the NSO website, ordered a copy and then went to BDO to pay. I then went back to the registrar and gave her my receipt, with the promise of giving the birth certificate immediately after I received it. Unfortunately, even after I enrolled, the stupidity of that moment irritated me and every time I went to class I was reminded of what happened. I lost interest in attending class-at a school where I pay expensive tuition but receive incompetent service from the admin, of going to school where the admin really doesn’t care about your enrollment, just your enrollment money. So I stopped attending class and dropped out. I wasn’t proud of my school and for me if I wasn’t proud of my school I sure as hell wouldn’t want to graduate from it and be marked as one of its alumni. I never gave them a new copy of my birth certificate, and because I think they only care about money, I sure as hell never paid the remaining balance in my tuition for my last term.

Somehow I think the reason why the GSB was re-integrated into DLSU-Manila is because they aren’t professional enough to be called the De La Salle-Professional Schools Inc, or maybe the Inc actually means Inc-ompetent?



1. MBA application dilemma: Finished « Le Venin: - June 25, 2009

[…] However, I was frustrated at the lack of available information at their official website, as though school information that applicants need to know should be hidden. While the rest of the MBA schools provide faculty profile, number of international students, course descriptions, history of the graduate school, DLSU only provided the flowchart (in course codes without description) and the names of the faculty members. I am also disappointed at the inefficiencies of the current system, such as the transfer of the Graduate School of Business under the College of Business and Economics, and this. […]

2. Artisansduchangement - February 14, 2010

I somehow agree that the reputation that DLSU-M has is just plain hype. I have a bachelor’s degree in that school and have to somehow agree that there is too much effort of publicizing the school, rather than genuine competence and being truly “world-class.” It simply doesn’t compare to its foreign counterparts even though it claims to be “first-rate” and “world-class.” Probably only thing the school can be recognized from is its first-rate tuition fees!

3. Rocketman - June 4, 2010

1. True, it is expensive. But that does not make it a bad school.

2. True, some profs give lots of work and some subjects are just plain difficult. Nobody said it was easy.

3. True. The admin and staff suck.

What we can conclude is that DLSU-GSB is an expensive school with somewhat high standards (due to depth and difficulty of many subjects), and crappy admin.

4. kimmy - September 1, 2011

tnx guys, i’m planning to enrol!!! NEVER MIND. haha

5. Thinking about getting into grad school. - September 29, 2011

This post was all about you getting frustrated with admin issues; it’s not even about the MBA program. If I may summarize — you quit because you were hassled by admin crap, period.

And the way you write… clearly not MBA material, so I guess the shoe just doesn’t fit. I’ve been working for 3 years with executives who graduated from DLSU-GSB MBA with honors, and I must say they are really highly competent people — and now well-paid.

I surely didn’t pick up anything about the MBA program here, but I definitely got a glimpse of what MBA drop outs are like, how they think, and why they are indeed certified drop outs.

quiapo - September 29, 2011

Yes it isn’t about the MBA program as a whole, I loved my professors (well most of them anyway) and I learned a lot from some of them. I never received any flak for this post even if all my DLSU MBA friends read this, because they knew I had legitimate gripes and that most share my sentiments. This post is about the DLSU administration. You see, the problem is that you don’t directly pay your profs, you pay the DLSU admin, and their service sucks. Last time I checked, MBA means Masters in Business ADMINISTRATION. And what was my gripe about? ADMINISTRATION.The problem with the admin is that they treat their MBA program too much as a business that they forget the administration part.

The piece wasn’t written as a business piece, it was a head on rant that I hated the school’s admin and that I was too disgusted with them that I dropped out.

The way I write got a 4.0 on DLSU’s business writing class. I was in the dean’s list twice before I dropped out during my third official trimester. If that isn’t MBA material for you then it just goes to show that the school’s standards are low ;p As for your executive friends, perhaps the executives you know were from a different era of DLSU MBA. The current system sucks.

dlsu grad student - December 25, 2011

I highly agree. I am taking my MBA in DLSU and I don’t find any flaw that needs to be emphasized. Getting in grad school means setting aside your career ego and keeping a mature perspective to learn. I have actually encountered a demanding professor last term, but I guess I have sufficiently learned from her. To the MBA dropout: DLSU doesn’t deserve to be humiliated this way, because I’m pretty sure that for any grad school you could’ve gotten in, you’ll always carry a consistent perspective.

dlsu grad student - December 25, 2011

Agreeing to: 5. Thinking about getting into grad school. – September 29, 2011 🙂

quiapo - December 31, 2011

So has the system improved? I’ve heard Ella-Juico isn’t the dean anymore…

I’ve had my share of demanding professors, I really don’t have a problem with them and I enjoy the challenge. However, demanding is different from being out of touch with reality and it is to these people that I’m pissed at. When one of your classmates gets a miscarriage due to the unreasonable demands of a professor, you’d feel the same way.

As for humiliation, you should have seen me when I was at the registrar’s office begging that I be enrolled despite the fact that they lost my NSO certified birth certificate. You should have also seen me telling my mother and relatives that DLSU took back my scholarship a few days after they told me I qualified. Those were very humiliating events and were very much uncalled for.

Jash - November 20, 2015

I agree.
I’m currently searching for the best, but still affordable MBA school here in the Philippines; and based on my research, La Salle tops the list, together with UST and UP.
When I bumped into this post, I was really expecting to read some kind of objective evaluation as to how MBA is in La Salle, but it seems like the article was all about frustration, not paying attention to the details of what he/she was signing, and forgetting to comply.

I’m still hopeful of finding the best MBA school for a non-business course graduate like me.

6. fortuneporky - September 29, 2011

after reading your blog.. i wondered who the person is: Of the five, only two continued their MBA studies after the first term, and now there is only one remaining student. -> thank you! sa wakas pare nakaraos din 🙂

7. dyolens - October 1, 2011

i don’t know if i’ll ever qualify for an MBA program anywhere coz my ToR sucks and i don’t have the money!! 😦 but i remember a comment from a prominent MBA grad from UP who said in answer to one of the queries in our forum that if you can’t suck it up with the admins, be it in the government or in school, then you can’t suck it up in the real business world.

quiapo - October 2, 2011

Well, the simple solution is not to be in the business world ;p madami namang careers na hindi directly related sa negosyo. Be in the academe, or sa product dev, proj management…

Or mag-stocks ka, basta may pera ka naman mkakapag-stocks ka eh, wala ng sucking up to the admin sa online trading. =)

8. Richard - October 13, 2011

I’m a UP grad considering admission into DLSU-GSB MBA program din. Hmmm…

9. Jaydee - August 1, 2013

I was planning to enroll to DSLU-MBA program… napaisipa ko bigla dahil sa article na ito. 😀

Victor Nathanael - January 29, 2014

Halo Jaydee, have you enroll to DLSU-MBA?i’m from Indonesia and i’m willing to appy there, but i can’t get the clear information about the program, can you help me?thanks.

10. AiraB. - October 9, 2013

I’ve recently experienced some hassle, and to think I’m still in the process of applying for admission to an MSc program. Long story short, to all of you who took their bachelor’s in a different school, make it a point to ask the DLSU admin for a letter/request that you could present to your BSc/AB alma mater when retrieving a ToR specifically “For Further Evaluation Purposes”. Chances are, your alma mater will only provide this specific ToR if you have that request from DLSU.

Anyway, despite of “this hassle”, I’m pushing through with my application. I and the people who bothered to write recommendations have put significant time and energy on this already, besides I’m in a need-want basis with this MSc. I’ve actually read this blog prior accomplishing requirements and was really wishing nothing of that sort would happen to me. Oh well. Haha.

11. Juan Santos - November 1, 2013

DLSU Registrar and Admissions office BADLY NEED Six Sigma program to reduce DELAYS, DEFECTS. The two offices are like your typical city hall- with employees looking at your application with a magnifying glass and thinks of heaven and earth to delay your submission.

Many employees of the two offices are inconsiderate crap.

12. D Leandro - November 18, 2013

Poor service of admin is not limited to DLSU. I’ve experienced the same at NUS. I’ve been hearing the same from top-ranked US business schools as well. But your studies and b-school exprience should not have ceased due to admin’s shortcomings.

Did you ever go to the dean to air your frustrations? I konw some of the senior officials of DLSU and they do listen to students. You can go directly to their office and say anything. I know so many former students who did the same. And they listen and revise their styles and systems based on feedback. I headed recruitment for so many years and I must say that school is among the most responsive to industry feedback.

You could change the school from within by talking directly to the senior officials. I – and my companies – have been doing that with the curriculum of different degree programs for years.

13. johnni - December 12, 2013

If you dont have money to spend, just shut up. Dont blame your misfortunes to others

14. Victor Nathanael - January 29, 2014

Everybody who have a clear information about the Mba in DLSU, Ateneo, or UP in manila please inform me..because i’m from indonesia and i can’t get clear information about the university in manila.


ADRicafort - March 26, 2014

send me an email at ace.ricafort@gmail.com

15. Anonymous - March 3, 2014

Your stupid. If you want to graduate from this school, its takes everything. Sacrifice which you do not know of. And the connections which you can make if you study here is what is important. You are stupid! if you want study some place cheaper… UP? Go there I cannot suggest Ateneo since both are the same. You are just plain stupid!!!

ADRicafort - March 26, 2014

Funny how you call the author stupid when you can not even write in correct grammar. Your should be you’re, its takes should be it takes. Sentence construction is also incorrect, so you can not tell me that this is just a typographical error. And oh, perhaps that’s the reason why you opted to be anonymous.

16. N@th3niel27 - April 21, 2014

I would like to recommend UP Diliman , not only the TOP 1 University in the Philippines but hire teachers whose specialization is MBA .I’m not promoting the School but I believe its what you call the Philippine Education Pride so when you try to apply abroad ,atleast you find your school competitive enough in the global education and industry.I’m currently taking my masters here Nice meeting you .

17. kornicks - June 17, 2014

I read this blog when I was applying for an MBA at DLSU 3 years ago. Now, I’m finished. I must say, the key for finishing the MBA is start doing and stop ranting.

Jay - July 15, 2014

Love that ‘start doing and stop ranting’ Just submitted my application tis morning, im scheduled gor the entrance exam this sat. Well I think if it’s something that your heart truly desires nothing shall stop you. Be ready for little sacrifices afterall this is what you realy wanted,. I hope to write my comment here again when I finished my MBA.

kornicks - August 4, 2014

Congratulations Jay.

Sacrifices are necessary for ambition. That’s the message of Prof Cruz, The toughest and final professor in the MBA program. I hope you still get to be under him since he is nearing retirement. But the whole final stage of the program really takes guts. It puts pre req and core subjects (The subjects the author complains, along with the system) to shame in terms of difficulty. Students under the final phase would say they want to drop out at almost a daily basis, but still push through.

I’d like to end my statement that successful people are busy managing their companies. Failures start creating (which is better school/ program) threads to make them feel good about themselves.

Winter is Coming - December 15, 2014

I agree, once you stop ranting and start working, everything just seemed to be a bit easier. I just finished my 1st term in DLSU and I am satisfied so far. Our class is very diverse and the discussion is always lively. The author just had bad experiences with DLSU and it really got to him. I remember reading this article when I was still trying to decide which University to enroll into and I have to say, I made the right choice. Yes, it will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice especially for those who are working full time, the key is to try to enjoy the MBA experience despite the hardships. We just had our class term-end party last week and I realized that I just had my first MBA “network”. I am looking forward to another term full of challenges and excitement and I didn’t lose my interest in the program. It was demanding but also rewarding at the end of the term. Yes, some professors really demand so much from the students like giving so many assignments and expecting us to read lots of books (even if we don’t really have time for that since we work full-time). Nobody said it would be easy.

Many would be persuaded by this article and I feel bad because DLSU won’t be able to defend itself.

18. rex - August 26, 2014

Sourgraping. That’s all I can say. The things you experienced are the birth pains in MBA. You should have continued your MBA. The second to fourth years are definitely more demanding and difficult. Too bad you didn’t reach Strategic Management with Dr. Elfren Cruz. You will meet the most terror prof of GSB. But it is all worth it 🙂 DLSU pa rin.

DLSU MBA 2002 grad here. It is the best! Reach for your dreams. It is never easy to have an MBA beside your name.

Jay - August 26, 2014

Oh well I had a not so good experience, clearly it was a miscommunication, so instead I start this sept, i was moved to term 3 january next year. But i am still pursuing this, im not giving up on this.

Winter is Coming - December 15, 2014

We could be classmates in one of the subjects, I just started this term (2nd term)

Good luck ^_^

Jay - December 16, 2014

Hi Winter, I reapplied for the third term that would be January but until now I am feeling a bit disappointed with the enrollment process. I sent an email to Raymond Gonzales already. They told me that they were trying to reach me thru email or mobile. I dunnow what happened hopefully I can still pursue this term. Hi there kornicks I dunnow now if I should struggle with it pa.

19. kornicks - September 9, 2014

Rex, Prof Elfren will retire this december because of age (70) Sadly him and his strama program will be replaced by the crappy “Ben Tehankeee” and “Management action reasearch” for final defense. A crappy HR subject for low level managers.

20. leiconstantine - October 28, 2014

I’ve been working for three years and now, my company is giving me an opportunity to take up MBA in GSB of De La Salle. I think it’s a good school despite what is written in this blog. I was disheartened while reading this but as I started scanning through the comments, I got excited again to pursue my study there. I hope I’ll be able to stand all the hardships I’ll be facing because i know it’ll worth it. Thanks guys!

21. VInce - November 6, 2014

I’ve been working for 8 years now but somehow I still want to take an MBA program. I skimmed the DLSU site but everytime I clicked on the tables fees, it leads me to a page where it needs you to login of which I think is available to either internal employees or already enrolled students of the school. Can someone advise on how much (even just a rough estimate) each term would cost? Thanks in advance!

22. Winter is Coming - December 15, 2014

For new students, a term with 6 units, would cost around 27 K to 28K

yey - January 8, 2015

I will be taking up my MBA at DLSUd this April, done with the entrance exam. I thought its 21K/term? Woah expensive

rebeloutlaw - January 8, 2015

Yep, expensive. I was so surprised too when I paid for my tuition for the first time,I was also expecting 20-21K.
Just look at it as an investment ^_^

23. rebeloutlaw - January 8, 2015

Yep, expensive. I was so surprised too when I paid for my tuition for the first time,I was also expecting 20-21K.
Just look at it as an investment ^_^

24. mackyboy - January 12, 2015

hi! i’m planning to apply for mba at dlsu this coming 1st sem. kamusta yung entrance exam?? please gve me tips and advice!!!

25. iamkrisyap - June 12, 2015

How’s the entrance exam and the interview? I’m planning to take my exams next week 20th June. I did not push through with Ateneo MBA due to unforeseen events, pero sana I was destined to take my GS here. Thanks to those who will reply

26. George Reyes - July 22, 2015

You people do not get it.. The question you should ask is after graduation, did it help you find a better job. I mean a good job you are really comfortable and proud. Because if this is not guaranteed what is the use of the Diploma. Then it is Diploma Mill.

ads - April 5, 2016

You get an MBA to improve your standing and Managerial skills. If you are just one of those lowly bank employees looking for a bigger paycheck then I guess MBA is not for you.

Happy Kid - February 22, 2017

Hehe! I am still in DLSU-MBA and got promoted twice already. My salary increased by more than 70% and have way better benefits.

27. Curious Man - August 28, 2015

Well not exactly. Knowledge can, after all, be pursued for its own sake.

28. Starsky - July 2, 2016

Hi! I am currently experiencing the same situation,wherein, a professor gives hefty load (papers,reporting every meeting) and they even scold you if they dont like the way you report. I am thinking id I should enroll for the next term…..

winteriscoming - July 4, 2016

I hope you don’t get discouraged because of the heavy work load 🙂 Believe me it’s for your own good too. After you survived a really “difficult term” you’ll reap the “fruits of your labor”. I don’t think “scold” is the right term when your prof is critiquing your report, they just probably wanted you to do better next time. I can say this because the previous term has been really hard for me but I survived it and now I fully appreciate all that I have learned. What did you expect anyway? That it would be easy? This is graduate
school already so of course it would be very challenging. Anyway, good luck 🙂

Starsky - September 18, 2016

Hi, Winteriscoming! You’re right! It was really a difficult term for me, but I have managed to ace my reports as well as my finals with flying colors. 🙂 Thanks for the advice. 🙂

ValarMorghulis - October 28, 2016

Really preparing you for the real world. 🙂 Good luck on your studies!

29. GreenArcher - October 28, 2016

Stop whining, you worthless bastard.

30. Century Pattaya Hotel Review - January 11, 2017

Century Pattaya Hotel Review

An MBA Dropout’s Valedictory Address… | Controlled Chaos

MSECOshifter - January 31, 2017

Hi, does anyone here has idea the coverage of ITEO exam for graduate studies. Many thanks!

31. ShiftertoMBA - January 31, 2017

Same query here. Does anyone has idea for ITEO exam coverage? I’m a graduate shifter too.

32. Happy Kid - February 22, 2017

I was able to read this article before I applied in DLSU MBA program. The writer is correct for noting that the professors are very demanding with the course requirements. Afterall, this is graduate school. Everyone is expected to be good in managing their own time. Therefore, you, as a student, should be able adjust your activities and prioritize accordingly. Yes, there will be a lot of opportunity costs in studying MBA at DLSU, but you willingly enrolled in the university. =)

33. FACUNDO - September 13, 2017


34. matthewbaluran - July 16, 2018

I agree with number 5. It’s graduate school. Nobody said it’s going to be easy. Also, it’s DLSU. I graduated there. Passing requirements on-time, dealing with demanding professors and “hassle-ridded” admin is part of the training.

Isipin mo nalang after all that you’re stronger and better.

Think about it bruh 🙂

35. Kris - December 6, 2018

Do not take your MBA at DLSU, if you are not a good writer. Yes, you read it right. Just see their curriculum! DLSU MBA program has a lot of Action Research Writing. I transferred to UP CBA, and the program is much better than DLSU.

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