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Enthalpy October 29, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Musings / Random Thoughts.
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Enthalpy is a thermodynamic potential, ….  where any energy input to the system must go into internal energy or the mechanical work of expanding the system.

– from Wikipedia

Why do we always seek to change but rarely ever sustain it? Probably because the reasons aren’t significant enough to do so, there is a lack of energy needed to sustain it, or the system is too difficult to change. In the first place, people are mostly hesitant to change. Why change something they’ve been accustomed with in their life? Change is difficult, often unproductive and temporary, so why bother?

Because you want to… because you have reasons to.If the reason is significant enough, and you believe it can happen despite all the difficulties and the impossibility. LIke a chemical reaction, we need to have the enthalpy, that potential to achieve that change we want to happen… And after you get over the activation energy needed in the chemical reaction, you must have the energy to sustain it, and not let entropy take down what you’ve accomplished.

I do have that… So here I go now on my first great personal war against myself. Here I go now challenging the stuff I believe in, questioning everything that I am and trying to find, like a software debugger, the lines of code that break down the program that is me.


Banas sa bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! (aka Saging for a Day) October 6, 2006

Posted by quiapo in Musings / Random Thoughts.
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The title should be read/hummed ala Gwen Stefani’s BANANAS song

My throat was hurting last Sunday morning, I went to my tito who’s a very good doctor (the best? pwede…) he gave me meds and a scolding and told me I wasn’t earning enough from being an engineer and I was killing myself in Cavite. I just laughed it off, it was typical of him and I’ve gotten used to his sermons. Sunday afternoon I arrived in Imus, my current residence and I felt my tonsils were so bloated that more than half my throat was blocked. I had blood in my spit from the wounds on my swollen tonsils, and even drinking water was very hard for me as my throat felt like alcohol was being poured on the cuts(perhaps the free OH- ions on the water was reacting with the wound…). That was perhaps the worst attack of tonsilitis I’ve had in my life, it was a resurgence of the disease which infected me during my birthday and was probably due to overstress and the weather last week (with the super typhoon and all and I had to do a lot of fixing up at my rented crib in Imus). To kill of the wounds, I had to gargle Betadine and Bactidol every 3+ hours, and every gargle really hurt (imagine dousing alcohol on a deep wound in your throat) and it even made me think of just buying vodka and drinking it till the 120 proof liquor kills all the germs and desensitizes me (I have a very low pain treshhold but a very high alcohol capacity). I also had to take antibiotics that I think made me woozy… if I recall correctly the generic name was Roxithrocin 150 mg, taken 2x a day for 7 days. So Roxithrocin, Betadine Gargle, Bactidol, Bio-Flu and my ultra hot nurse (tnx po ulit =P) got me back on track after 2 days of hellish pain.

Anyway, from all that soreness, I can’t even take in fluids (heck if I have a hard time drinking water I would’ve gagged on soup for sure) so what I did was buy 2 kilos of bananas, the bland-rejected for export type (with smooth yellow peels) which I ate, or rather, almost choked on, for a whole day until the soreness subsided. Now, you’d ask me, if you’d gag on soup, why eat bananas which, well, are solid stupid? Well… bananas are easy to chew and can almost be liquified inside the mouth from chewing. The taste isn’t powerful enough to induce gag reflex even from a badly blocked throat (which I discovered during lunch Sunday as I had a very difficult time eating/sipping/drinking chinese soup for lunch while I had a relatively easier time eating latundan) and it washes down easily with a little water. So after I got home in my crib in Imus I bought a “piling.”

Now, I like bananas, but not as my staple food for a day! I don’t know what other chemicals/nutrients bananas are rich for except for starch and potassium. And those two are not enough for an athletic (joke) person like me. I need protein and more Carbs! Pero I couldn’t chunk down meat and rice down my throat (so goodbye for now chowking braised beef) And at sunrise the next day I was visibly weak and bored with the food.
After my throat’s soreness subsided I quickly went to Chowking (my new fastfood of choice, the former being McDo) and ate, then it was this nice restaurant in imus with a weird name: “Bullshed” which served filipino cuisine (we ate adobo rice and bicol express), then Jollibee, then McDo… ah…. My name is Pierre and I love to eat. May eating never be taken away from me again ever. Now I crave for sinigang… Lola luto ka naman ng sinigang please… yung madaming gabi na maanghang na pwedeng makasira na naman ng tonsils ko hehehe =P

Tonsilectomy… wait for me, after I earn enough leave credits you’re gonna be a reality.